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Mayusc send without Shift


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Hello, i have desktop aplication on shift+s assigned hotkey and autoit script for send text from textfile to aplication textfields, my problem is:

where my scrip sends S character with (shift+s) the app launch assigned subrutine at (shift+s) and isn't write S. How i can write S with autoit without shift+s??


Thanks, and sorry for my inglish


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Just set hotkey "ctnl+shift+s" to send the "S"

See my sample here:

_HotKey("{ESC}")    ; press ESC to exit
_HotKey("^+S")      ; press Cntl+Shift+s   to send "S" to application
_HotKey("+s")       ; press Shift+s to send hotkey shift+s to application
Func _HotKey($hotkey = "")
    ;       ! ALT  + SHIFT  ^ CONTROL  # WinKey
    Switch @HotKeyPressed
        Case "{ESC}"
            Exit 0 * MsgBox(64 + 262144, Default, "Exit", 1)
        Case "^+S"
            HotKeySet("+s", "_HotKey")
        Case "+s"
            MsgBox(64+262144, Default, "Shift+s sent to application",2)
        Case Else
            If Not IsDeclared("hotkey") Then Return MsgBox(16 + 262144, Default, "No CASE statement defined for hotkey " & @HotKeyPressed, 15)
            If HotKeySet($hotkey, "_Hotkey") = 0 Then Return MsgBox(16 + 262144, Default, "Hotkey " & $hotkey & " invalid or set by another application.", 15)
EndFunc   ;==>_HotKey

While Sleep(100)     ; here should be your application.
WEnd                 ; meanwhile, here is a dummy loop.


place cursor in next line before pressing F5 (run)




App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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Thanks Exit,
the problem is that I have to send text with "S" whith Send() function, I enclose the following code to explain it:

or $content In $todos

;~  ConsoleWrite($content & @LF)
    if $first == true Then
        $first = false

    if($desc == false) Then
        $desc = true

        MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 47, 44, 1)
        $denominacion = "$$" & $content
;~      Send({CAPSLOCK})
;~      Send("{CAPSLOCK on}")
;~      Send("$$" & $content)
        ConsoleWrite($denominacion & @LF)
        MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 89, 42, 1)
        WinWait("[CLASS:ThunderRT6FormDC]", "", 10)
        $desc = false


$content It is capitalized text, obtained from a list of a txt file. This text includes the "S" which is the letter you do not write.

How could I fix it?
Thank you very much!

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