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detecting Login Screen (excluding CTRL-ALT-DEL screen)?

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I am writing a script to monitor my kid's use of computer such that:

1. If computer is idle for x minutes, it will hibernate. I know Windows already have this but somehow, can be circumvent with open files, or some video app disabling hibernation. 

2. Black Off the monitor after y minutes. And turns it back on after z minutes of rest. I call this process TimeOut to force my kid to stand up and take a walk...

(Basically I simply displays a BLACK Rectangle GUI in foreground. I know that games can circumvent this when it is not displaying in Windows Mode - this I need to fix later...)

So far so good. But I have some problems when the machine was turned on from hibernation. Machine always goes into a lockscreen waiting for password. How do I detect this?

This has been asked many times in the past with answers ranging from

detecting the "explorer.exe" (not working).

to _WinAPI_OpenDesktop('Default', $DESKTOP_SWITCHDESKTOP)                    ; but this captures the CTRL-ALT-DEL task manager page.

I want solely the login screen.



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Maybe this ?

#include <WinAPISys.au3>

Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)

AdlibRegister(IsWorkstationLocked, 500)
For $i = 1 To 30 ; now you have 30 secs to test various commands

Func IsWorkstationLocked()
  Local Const $WTS_CURRENT_SESSION = -1
  Local Const $WTS_SESSION_INFO_EX = 25

  Local $hWtsapi32dll = DllOpen("Wtsapi32.dll")
  Local $result = DllCall($hWtsapi32dll, "int", "WTSQuerySessionInformation", "int", $WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, "int", $WTS_CURRENT_SESSION, "int", $WTS_SESSION_INFO_EX, "ptr*", 0, "dword*", 0)
  If @error Or Not $result[0] Then Return SetError(1, 0, False)

  Local $buffer_ptr = $result[4], $buffer_size = $result[5]
  Local $buffer = DllStructCreate("uint64 SessionId;uint64 SessionState;int SessionFlags;byte[" & $buffer_size - 20 & "]", $buffer_ptr)
  Local $isLocked = DllStructGetData($buffer, "SessionFlags")

  $buffer = 0
  DllCall($hWtsapi32dll, "int", "WTSFreeMemory", "ptr", $buffer_ptr)

  ConsoleWrite("Is Locked ? " & $isLocked & @CRLF)
  Return $isLocked
EndFunc   ;==>IsWorkstationLocked


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Alternatively, you can search for "parental control and child monitoring software" (depending on what is legal in your particular country).
However, I personally would prefer to discuss these circumstances directly with the children, but this is of course your own decision.


"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."

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To test I used this code instead of the FOR LOOP

local $counter = 0
While 1
    if IsWorkstationLocked() Then
        $counter = $counter + 1
        $counter = 0

It counts up.

When I hit hibernate, then wake up, the counter starts from 0 indicating it detected correctly.

When I hit CTRl-ALT-DEL, it still continues counting up as i wanted!


The value of the return is opposite of the workstationlock status though. not a big problem.


Thanks for the help!

This solves a lot!

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  • 4 months later...

After a few months, my son was able to trick this function. he was able to do something (except login), that forces this function to return TRUE even if Windows 10 is not locked. Of course my son aint' telling me how.

ADD: I was able to do a screenshot that causes the fake "login screen" detection. I do not know how this was produced though.

I appreciate if anyone could tell me how to reproduce this without actually rebooting the machine or actual login.

re Parental Control:
The autoit I wrote (using this codes) simply blanks the screen after 30 minutes of use and will be made available 15 minutes later. I hope the kid would stand up and walk for a few minutes instead of sitting infront of the computer for the whole day, morning to evening... at first it was doing OK until he managed to do something....



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