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allocate specific width for a number

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Hi, i am writing an output to notepad. The output has few columns, the contents of which is all numbers (floats & or integers). The issue is that i cannot get the columns appear straight as if a number in the column becomes negative, it pushes the number in the next column to right or viceversa. So, is it possible to allocate a fixed number of columns per number

something like  Filewrite($notepad,my_format($xl_limit,10)&my_format($maxx,10)&my_format($pp_ar_total,10)).. where my_format would mean 10 columns to be allocated for the variable


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19 minutes ago, Nine said:

Yes you can with StringFormat ().  Look in help file, there is numerous examples how you can do it...

Hi, I tried the below option 

Filewrite($notepad,stringformat("%-20.3",$xl_limit&$maxx&$pp_ar_total&@crlf)).  this is  just printing %-20.3 .. what i need is to print the variables xl_limit, maxx and pp_ar_total in a line with 20 columns allocated and with 3 decimals. 

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