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When dropping file on compiled exe, Windows shows "Open in Aut2Exe" - show actual program name?

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I have some compiled scripts that perform operations on files dropped on them. When I drag a file over the executable, Windows prompts with a box that says "Open in Aut2Exe." Is there any way to make Windows show the actual name of the executable? I've tried using the name of the executable in every available field in the Resource Update tab of the editor, with no success. I can't find the string "Aut2Exe" in the compiled scripts, so I'm completely baffled.

Any help will be gratefully received.

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Thiis is is an example of how I process the command line:

$cmln = $CmdLine[0]
If $cmln >= 1 Then
    $editdoc = $CmdLine[1]
    MsgBox(0, $msgtitle, "Filename required.")

And here's an executable that shows the issue (though I think all AutoIt-compiled programs show the same behavior):


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6 hours ago, Danp2 said:

Download link worked for me, but I don't get the message described in the OP. For me it says "Open with WPWDocX.exe". What OS are you using for testing? I'm running W11 v22H2.


Thank you for this. When I restarted my machine, I got exactly the same result. It seems that the problem was that Windows cached the internal name of the executable when I ran it after compiling it with the Description and Comment fields blank in the Resource Update tab. Even after I compiled the exe with the correct name in the Description and Comment fields, Windows still showed Aut2Exe.exe in the popup - but eventually showed the correct name after I restarted.

Lesson learned. Thank you. (And though it doesn't matter, I've made the download link active, as I should have done earlier, and of course the code I posted was in answer to the question, how do I process the command-line input; it wasn't meant to compile.)

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