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Universal Extractor

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I used AutoIt to write a front-end to a bunch of command-line utilities to automate extraction from just about any kind of archive, including installers. Extracting files from installers was actually the motivation behind the project, as keeping track of which arguments and utilities are needed for what kind of installer, as well as simply identifying the type of installer, got rather tedious.

I had posted this to a couple other forums, but it never really occurred to me until just now that, since this is an AutoIt script after all, I should post here as well. Oops. :)

Anyway, I find the program itself pretty darn useful, but in addition the AutoIt script contains a few techniques that other AutoIt users may find useful. You can find out much more information from the Universal Extractor home page, as well as this MSFN forum topic, which has pretty much become it's official discussion thread.

Anyone interested may download it from here:

Installation Package - http://www.c1pher.com/uniextract121.exe

Binary Archive - http://www.c1pher.com/uniextract121_noinst.rar

UniExtract Source Code - http://www.c1pher.com/uniextract121_source.rar

Let me know if you find this useful. I'm always interested in feedback. Thanks!

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Your todo.txt says everything. Overall very nice work,and a BIG load of code.

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yes, i remember seeing this on msfn. i never knew it was an autoit script!

good work, mate!

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Wow! This program is incredible! I was trying to pull some files out of a setup, and found this utility via Google. It worked like a charm! After extracting, I re-opened it and eyed its tray icon. I clicked it to see what other options there might be, but lo and behold! It was made in AutoIt??? Imagine my complete surprise and awe!

Quite an amazing work, nitro322. ;):dance:

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nitro has been inactive for over a year. The thread is nearly 7 years ol.

This messge will not reach him.

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For innounp.exe, the Inno Setup Unpacker included in Universal Extractor install dir ( bin folder)

you need to update it here otherwise it can't extract latest Inno Setup packages.

and isxunpack.exe the InstallShield Setup extractor can be found here.

It can be assimilate to a security tool : you can see what there is in Installers before use them ! :)

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