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Well, im sure most of you have enjoyed my Online AutoIt Compiler and AutoForum scripts, so i have just created my next line of web-based autoit apps!

Introducing AutoGuestbook! The first guestbook system written in autoit v3.



1. Demo Guestbook

AutoGuestbook consists of one main file. There are a few smilies includes for your visitors to use, though.

.:To Install:.

1. Copy autoguestbook files to the web-accessable directory of your choice. In a web browser, browse to the autoguestbook file.

2. Fill out the required details. When specifing a database, please ake sure that you are pointing to a file and not a directory.

3. Click Install and your guestbook database will be installed and your guestbook will be ready to use!

.:To Admistrate:.

Right now, the adminstrator can:

1. View posters IP addresses

2. Delete comments

To access the admin panal, you must browse to the guestbook via the computer where it is installed on. go to<your port>/<directory to guestbook>/<Guestbook file>?action=admin and you will be automatically logged in. You cannot currenly adminstrate your guestbook from a different computer.


-Advanced BBCode support.

-Single flatfile database

-Basic guestbook design

-Secure admin panal

Comments appriciated!


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Left my comment. Really like it.

P.S. It's "panel" not "panal"

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