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A Simple Request

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Hi, i don't know how to script and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to make a script(bot) that will notice when the fish is tugging on the line and be able to pull it in and or if you could write one for me. This bot is for Oz Global(english) it is a fishing game. (the other script on this website doesn't work)

thank you, my email is 'butchin_buddies@hotmail.com' with out the '.

If a request is not suppose to go here can you please move it and not delete it, because i dont know where they are put.

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How about you pick one of these options.

1) Take a trip to http://www.rentacoder.com

2) Learn AutoIt, then create the bot yourself.

3) Search for it- chances are it has been done before.

Generally requests aren't treated too kindly... This is more a support forum, rather than a "make me this" forum.




EDIT: BBCode... :D

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