23:45 Ticket #1210 ('trac authentication not installed, refer to documentation') created by Jim Michaels <jmichae3@…>
your bug tracking program is not fully installed. I can't login. I …
23:21 Ticket #1209 (FileOpenDialog will not allow you to specify a folder) created by anonymous
I could like FileOpenDialog to have the capability of selecting an …
20:56 Ticket #1208 (No colored flat Button possible) closed by Valik
No Bug: No color means invisible. So with that little obvious nugget of information in mind, think about what you are trying to do and then try thinking about a rather obvious solution.
19:04 Ticket #1208 (No colored flat Button possible) created by funkey
Either a flat button or a colored button is possible, not both. […]


15:56 Ticket #1207 (_GUICtrlIpAddress_Set ($hIPAddress, "") displays created by robinacjohnston
The _GUICtrlIpAddress_Set function when run on the beta gets …
10:58 Ticket #1206 (UDPRecv Only sees RAW packets with UDPBind) created by MrBeatnik <palebluecreations@…>
Hi, The UDP Functions seem to only look at raw packets. Under certain …


20:55 Ticket #967 (Inet functions need to support FTP through a proxy.) closed by Valik
Completed: Added in version:
20:10 Ticket #1205 (Dim / ReDim / Static optimization) created by Nutster
Optimize how Dim, ReDim and Static are implemented.
19:19 Ticket #1192 (Tidy.exe crashes - when long strings are assinged again?) closed by Jos
Works For Me
17:12 Ticket #1033 (UDF's missing @error checks after DLLCalls()) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed in version:


17:57 Ticket #1157 (Add Crypt.au3) closed by Valik
Completed: Added in version:


22:04 Ticket #1204 (New function - WinWaitLoad) closed by Valik
Rejected: I suggest you look at the IE library included with AutoIt for... years.
21:58 Ticket #1204 (New function - WinWaitLoad) created by Assaf
The function name says it all. I have search for this function, while …


21:36 Ticket #1203 (Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 + Tooltip = LAG!) closed by Valik
No Bug: That's nice.
21:18 Ticket #1202 (AdlibEnable) closed by Valik
Duplicate: You must not need it very bad, otherwise you would have maybe looked at the beta to see if there were any Adlib related changes.
19:33 Ticket #1203 (Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 + Tooltip = LAG!) created by alex@…
Hi, I have been running Autoit v3.3.0.0 with a script that runs …
17:48 Ticket #1201 (Sci-TE editor (i can't send them emails for some reason so I open it here)) closed by Jos
Works For Me: continue discussion in forum thread.
14:30 Ticket #1202 (AdlibEnable) created by tayou fabrice
I need that this function manage many functions (may be 3) at the …
09:58 Ticket #1201 (Sci-TE editor (i can't send them emails for some reason so I open it here)) created by anonymous
Toggle all folds doesn't work if #Region is defined within a function.


13:21 Ticket #1200 (_IEFormElementGetCollection example in helpfile) created by Volly
For the command _IEFormElementGetCollection, the following example is …


15:14 Ticket #1199 (GUI is very sluggish with keyboard navigation and screen reader) created by tspivey@…
With a screen reader, Autoit GUIs are very sluggish while navigating …


11:25 Ticket #1198 (User tray items auto-checkmarking) created by Rob Saunders <therks@…>
Sorry for the clumsily worded title. Repro. script: […] When you …


16:39 Ticket #1197 (IniReadSection Limitation) closed by Valik
No Bug: Prove it. Otherwise, you're running into the 32kb per section limit, not some arbitrary key limit that doesn't exist.
12:15 Ticket #1197 (IniReadSection Limitation) created by Emiel Wieldraaijer
Hi, I don't know if its a bug or if it's by design, but …


20:09 Ticket #1196 (_GDIPlus_BitmapUnlockBits - Memory is not released) created by eukalyptus
_GDIPlus_BitmapUnlockBits dose not release the allocated memory. If …


23:52 Ticket #1195 (Control key sticks down when using HotKeySet i.e. Cntl d) closed by Valik
No Bug: No it doesn't. If you want to be taken seriously next time provide an example that reproduces the problem.
23:48 Ticket #1193 (InetGetInfo fails when compiled) closed by Valik
Duplicate: No shit. Duplicate of #1036 and #1179. Thanks for using the search feature.
20:48 Ticket #1195 (Control key sticks down when using HotKeySet i.e. Cntl d) created by blackja@…
The control key sticks in the down position when using Hotkeyset with …
20:45 Ticket #1193 (InetGetInfo fails when compiled) created by P5ych0GIgabyte
For some reason when I compile this script or any other script that …
12:41 Ticket #1192 (Tidy.exe crashes - when long strings are assinged again?) created by Bowmore
Environment = under WIN_XP/Service Pack 2 X86 When running …
00:18 Ticket #236 (Neutral language in helpfile) reopened by Valik


20:36 Ticket #1189 (Typo in GUICtrlSetBKColor) closed by Valik
No Bug
19:32 Ticket #1191 (Make explicit size of arrays optional when have explicit initialization) created by jchd
Would it be possible that the declaration of arrays doesn't mandate …
19:17 Ticket #1190 (Clarify case sensivity of some operators) created by jchd
The documentation on operators should specify if they are …
19:03 Ticket #1189 (Typo in GUICtrlSetBKColor) created by anonymous
"The odd lines will get the color set by GUICtrlSetBkColor of the …
03:04 Ticket #1188 (EnvGet("CD"), EnvGet("TIME"), EnvGet("RANDOM") display blank) closed by Valik
No Bug: Try asking on the forum where this belongs. Or better yet, trying learning on your own what environment variables are because clearly you do not know.
02:19 Ticket #1188 (EnvGet("CD"), EnvGet("TIME"), EnvGet("RANDOM") display blank) created by Txj
in Chinese WinXP + SP2, AutoIt code like this […] only …


03:42 Ticket #1080 (InetGet doesn't return immediately for a background download) closed by Valik
Completed: Changed in version:


23:18 Ticket #1112 (Add _WinAPI_SetCheckMethod() and modify _WinAPI_Check()) closed by Valik
Completed: Removed in version:
23:10 Ticket #1155 (_WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap() is too slow) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed in version:
18:37 Ticket #1183 (FileSetTime can't set filetime) closed by Valik
Fixed: Revision [4778] probably fixed it. Just a guess, though. However, the function is still broken and I think the design is not very good. If there is a problem when recursively setting the time for a directory, there are two ways it can fail that do not restore the original working directory. I saw this looking at the code to see if this problem was fixed. To this end I've created #1187. I'm closing this ticket since it is fixed.
18:36 Ticket #1187 (Fix implementation of FileSetTime()) created by Valik
There are a couple places where FileSetTime() can have an error and …
11:29 Ticket #1182 (Functions are not stained) closed by Jos
Works For Me: Look fine for me too. Check the version number at the top of au3.keywords.properties. Jos
01:08 Ticket #1186 (native support of array "slices" as Lvalue and Rvalue) created by anonymous
Please enhance the current array datatype by array slices (i.e. …


17:01 Ticket #1183 (FileSetTime can't set filetime) reopened by Valik
I can confirm the behavior on Windows XP SP3 with the following script: […]
16:47 Ticket #1185 (Priority Flag for OnAutoItExitRegister) closed by Valik
Rejected: No. Priority should not matter in a well designed script. It's also a can of works I really don't feel like opening. The system was designed to be a queue, first registered, first invoked. If priority is that important to the operation of your script then register the functions in the proper order.
11:05 Ticket #1185 (Priority Flag for OnAutoItExitRegister) created by eukalyptus
suggestion: the higher the value, the later the Func-calling standart …
05:03 Ticket #1184 (Remove all fatal errors from functions.) created by Valik
This is a continuation of #1156. There are several functions that …
05:01 Ticket #1156 (AutoItSetOption() generates a fatal error) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed in version:


18:10 Ticket #1183 (FileSetTime can't set filetime) closed by Jpm
Works For Me: That's working fine under my Vista/SP1 system
11:07 Ticket #1183 (FileSetTime can't set filetime) created by anonymous
FileSetTime can't set filetime of a file. It seems that AutoIt can't …
03:17 Ticket #508 (Static variables) reopened by Nutster
I'll start working on this.


16:52 Ticket #1182 (Functions are not stained) created by Tweaky
Hi, the following three functions are not stained: …
16:36 Ticket #1181 (GUIGetMsg and OnEventMode.) closed by Valik
Rejected: You should not be mixing modes unless you are very sure you know what you are doing. Judging by your request, you don't.
16:35 Ticket #1179 (InetGetInfo - error if script is compiled) closed by Valik
Duplicate: I guess you're too good to search the issue tracker? Closing as duplicate of #1036.
16:14 Ticket #1181 (GUIGetMsg and OnEventMode.) created by anonymous
just a idea. letting GUIGetMsg() also automatically idle in OnEvent …
13:47 Ticket #1180 (_Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation Returned Values) created by yn0t <spinxkx@…>
In the documentation of _Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation it states …
11:28 Ticket #1179 (InetGetInfo - error if script is compiled) created by PSandu.Ro
[Autoit] Local $hdownload = …
02:26 Ticket #1178 (MsgBox timeout indicator) closed by Valik
Rejected: Who said you had to duplicate the full functionality of MsgBox() via a custom GUI? Also, you're not very clever if you can't figure out a solution for this problem. Ask on the forum how to do it.
01:18 Ticket #1178 (MsgBox timeout indicator) created by hhzz
When using the MsgBox's timeout feature, I often found it's difficult …


18:16 Ticket #1177 (Wrong Return values _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_GetCurSel) created by funkey
The return values are interchanged in …
10:35 Ticket #1176 (FileSetAttrib with recurse mode 1 not continue when file not found in ...) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
Hi, The problem is that when we set attributes using recursive mode, …
10:02 Ticket #1170 (Random(1,1,1) = 0) closed by Jpm
No Bug: in fact if you check the @error you will find that it is and error


16:59 Ticket #1175 (add the macro @CPUusage showing the current CPU load) closed by Valik
Rejected: 1. This is not suitable for a macro 2. This can be done (and probably has been done) via UDF.
15:24 Ticket #1175 (add the macro @CPUusage showing the current CPU load) created by anonymous
values: from 0 to 100 (in % like Task Manager shows in Performance …
04:09 Ticket #1174 (Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function) closed by Valik
No Bug: Err, okay. The RunErrorsFatal option had absolutely nothing to do with Execute. Further, the bug you describe does not happen with either or I suggest posting on the forum first in the future to ensure you really do have a bug.
01:30 Ticket #1174 (Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function) created by autoit@…
In older versions, if the Execute function was passed a "bad" string …


16:05 Ticket #1173 (mysql UDF) closed by Valik
Rejected: First of all... link? Seriously, you can't even be bothered to provide a link? But then again, you also didn't really write much or actually make any attempt to articulate beyond a rudimentary mess. Second, did you look at the SQLite stuff already included in AutoIt? Third, did you not notice others have picked up the torch for MySQL functionality? I see at least one person state in the thread I have to find that they had their own MySQL library.
14:09 Ticket #1173 (mysql UDF) created by Tyger
Title: MySQL UDF functions Filename: MySQL.au3 Description: A …


17:08 Ticket #1172 (.NET controls in beta created by arthur@…
Great job in getting WM_GETCONTROLNAME into the system! .NET names …
16:45 Ticket #1171 (FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file) closed by Valik
No Bug: You can easily write something using FileFindFirstFile()/FileFindNextFile() if the built-in behavior is not satisfactory.
10:17 Ticket #1171 (FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file) created by eric.peyremorte@…
The following command stop if one file is undeletable. It should go on …


02:26 Ticket #1004 (_PathFull bug in beta autoit 3.3.1) reopened by Valik
Sigh. This function is about to go the way of _StringAddThousandsSep(). Either I'm adding some obscure functionality or I'm fixing bugs that result from changing otherwise stable code. Anyway, anonymous users could open tickets for all of a week or something. That's when it became apparent that people who didn't have any business being alive couldn't be trusted with the responsibility to manage a ticket's state.


21:47 Ticket #1170 (Random(1,1,1) = 0) created by anonymous
random(1,1,1) = 0 in old autoit version (one year ago, or older) i …
16:20 Ticket #1167 (_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes) closed by Jpm
Fixed: already fix in next beta
16:17 Ticket #1166 (_GUICtrlMenu_GetItemCount() return value) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: Already fixed in next beta, perhaps without bug reporting as a complete UDF checking is being done for


18:27 Ticket #1169 (high-level Recording) closed by Valik
Rejected: You will get much better results writing something by hand than any automated tool can generate anyway.
09:03 Ticket #1169 (high-level Recording) created by hagikura
high-level Recording( Window component-based ) can be useful for auto …


23:26 Ticket #1161 (old colormode links and remarks.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed in version:
17:33 Ticket #351 (Reverse PixelSearch) reopened by Valik
This is not fully complete. Things that need done: * Better documentation. It's very hard to find the one sentence that mentions searching bottom-to-top is even possible. * It doesn't implement right-to-left searching.
11:27 Ticket #1168 (_ExcelBookOpen error on workbooks with hidden sheets) created by frubi
_ExcelBookOpen will run into an error, if the first sheet of the …
10:11 Ticket #1167 (_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes) created by ProgAndy
_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes with the message "error allocating …
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