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[UDF]optional number of parameters

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Good morning...

I'd like to know, how i could write a function with a optional number of parameters...

I can't express it more precisely, because my english isn't very well^^

A Example would be BitOR(). You can call this function with infinite parameters.



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i try to make as simple as i can and i hopefully understand what you mean.

You can define default parameters in function call.

mymsgbox ()
mymsgbox ("my title", "my text")

_mymsgbox ("_my msgbox")
_mymsgbox ("_my msgbox", "_my text")
;_mymsgbox () would cause an error

Func mymsgbox ($title = "no title", $text = "no text")
    MsgBox (0, $title, $text)

Func _mymsgbox ($title, $text = "no text")
    MsgBox (0, $title, $text)



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It's a pity, that @NumParam doesn't work...

Where did you read that?

Func Test($v1 = 0, $v2 = 0, $v3 = 0,$v4 = 0,$v5 = 0,$v6 = 0,$v7 = 0,$v8 = 0,$v9 = 0,$v10 = 0)
     For $i = 1 To @NumParams
         ConsoleWrite("Param #" & $i & "= " & Eval("v" & $i) & @CRLF)
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