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Hey all,

I have been modifying VB code that some of you may have seen that is supposed to delete user profiles. I have made it through Object creation, pinging, and connecting to a remote PC. I have learned a few things. However, I am struggling with what is in red:

if not objItem.SID = "" then

if objItem.SID = "S-1-5-20" then

deleteResponse = 7

elseif objItem.SID = "S-1-5-19" then

deleteResponse = 7

elseif objItem.SID = "S-1-5-18" then

deleteResponse = 7


deleteResponse = MsgBox (strMessage,35,"Profile Found")

end if

end if

Select Case deleteResponse

Case 6



If Err.Number = 0 Then

MsgBox("Profile " & objitem.localpath & " on " & strComputer & " deleted")


MsgBox("Profile " & objitem.localpath & " on " & strComputer & " NOT deleted - Is user logged in?")

End If

End Select

What is the Err.Clear equivalent in AutoIt along with ObjItem.Delete_ ??

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Err.clear should probably be SetError(0)

I have a feeling that ObjItem.Delete_ is calling another function but I can't be sure without seeing all the code involved and even then it might be tough.


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Lol, I have some code already built in autoit that does exactly what you want. Deleting profiles. However I'm away from my work computer for another 3 or 4 days since I'm out of the country. If you don't have anything by then I'll post it when I get back.

Edited by kor

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Thanks, Spammer. I may need that assistance. Until then I will add now that Objitem.delete_ is deleting the found object in VB. I can't figure out how that works in AutoIt. If I do figure this out, I will update.

Edited by Discovery164

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Thanks, Spammer.

It's kor! :unsure:

UDF List:

_AdapterConnections()_AlwaysRun()_AppMon()_AppMonEx()_ArrayFilter/_ArrayReduce_BinaryBin()_CheckMsgBox()_CmdLineRaw()_ContextMenu()_ConvertLHWebColor()/_ConvertSHWebColor()_DesktopDimensions()_DisplayPassword()_DotNet_Load()/_DotNet_Unload()_Fibonacci()_FileCompare()_FileCompareContents()_FileNameByHandle()_FilePrefix/SRE()_FindInFile()_GetBackgroundColor()/_SetBackgroundColor()_GetConrolID()_GetCtrlClass()_GetDirectoryFormat()_GetDriveMediaType()_GetFilename()/_GetFilenameExt()_GetHardwareID()_GetIP()_GetIP_Country()_GetOSLanguage()_GetSavedSource()_GetStringSize()_GetSystemPaths()_GetURLImage()_GIFImage()_GoogleWeather()_GUICtrlCreateGroup()_GUICtrlListBox_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_SaveCSV()_GUICtrlListView_SaveHTML()_GUICtrlListView_SaveTxt()_GUICtrlListView_SaveXML()_GUICtrlMenu_Recent()_GUICtrlMenu_SetItemImage()_GUICtrlTreeView_CreateArray()_GUIDisable()_GUIImageList_SetIconFromHandle()_GUIRegisterMsg()_GUISetIcon()_Icon_Clear()/_Icon_Set()_IdleTime()_InetGet()_InetGetGUI()_InetGetProgress()_IPDetails()_IsFileOlder()_IsGUID()_IsHex()_IsPalindrome()_IsRegKey()_IsStringRegExp()_IsSystemDrive()_IsUPX()_IsValidType()_IsWebColor()_Language()_Log()_MicrosoftInternetConnectivity()_MSDNDataType()_PathFull/GetRelative/Split()_PathSplitEx()_PrintFromArray()_ProgressSetMarquee()_ReDim()_RockPaperScissors()/_RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock()_ScrollingCredits_SelfDelete()_SelfRename()_SelfUpdate()_SendTo()_ShellAll()_ShellFile()_ShellFolder()_SingletonHWID()_SingletonPID()_Startup()_StringCompact()_StringIsValid()_StringRegExpMetaCharacters()_StringReplaceWholeWord()_StringStripChars()_Temperature()_TrialPeriod()_UKToUSDate()/_USToUKDate()_WinAPI_Create_CTL_CODE()_WinAPI_CreateGUID()_WMIDateStringToDate()/_DateToWMIDateString()Au3 script parsingAutoIt SearchAutoIt3 PortableAutoIt3WrapperToPragmaAutoItWinGetTitle()/AutoItWinSetTitle()CodingDirToHTML5FileInstallrFileReadLastChars()GeoIP databaseGUI - Only Close ButtonGUI ExamplesGUICtrlDeleteImage()GUICtrlGetBkColor()GUICtrlGetStyle()GUIEventsGUIGetBkColor()Int_Parse() & Int_TryParse()IsISBN()LockFile()Mapping CtrlIDsOOP in AutoItParseHeadersToSciTE()PasswordValidPasteBinPosts Per DayPreExpandProtect GlobalsQueue()Resource UpdateResourcesExSciTE JumpSettings INISHELLHOOKShunting-YardSignature CreatorStack()Stopwatch()StringAddLF()/StringStripLF()StringEOLToCRLF()VSCROLLWM_COPYDATAMore Examples...

Updated: 22/04/2018

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After looking at my script it doesn't do exactly what you're doing, but it's close.

I use this function.

#include <Date.au3>

_DeleteOlderThan("C:\test", 5)

Func _DeleteOlderThan($sDirectory, $iDays)
    ; must include <Date.au3>
    Local $sWorking = FileChangeDir($sDirectory) ; change working directory
    Local $sDate = (@YEAR & "/" & @MON & "/" & @MDAY) ; set date, must use year month day format
    Local $hSearch = FileFindFirstFile("*") ; show all files in current directory
    If $hSearch = -1 Then Exit ; no files/directories matched the search pattern
    While 1
        Local $hFiles = FileFindFirstFile($hSearch)
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        If $hFiles = "." Or $hFiles = ".." Then ContinueLoop ; block output of root and current directories
        Local $aFileDate = FileGetTime($hFiles, 0, 0)
        If Not @error Then $sFormatDate = $aFileDate[0] & "/" & $aFileDate[1] & "/" & $aFileDate[2]
        Local $sDateDiff = _DateDiff("D", $sFormatDate, $sDate)
        If $sDateDiff > $iDays Then DirRemove($hFiles, 1)
EndFunc   ;==>_DeleteOlderThan

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