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Auto delete old files

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i want a script to run every day to scan ALL the files / folders within a directory and delete any files older than 7 days.

i have searched the forums and found this

but i dont really understand it, i want it to loop and delete any type of file / folder within the directory.

Can anyone help with a simple script?


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Sistem files included? :mellow:

show us what you got so far...

EDIT: Several Things.

1 - Please try to explain better what you want, becasue what you told us here it not makes any sense, delete ALL it measn delete ALL the files, like system files importat documentation, etc, If what you want is that then you are in the wrong forum.

2 - Read the Forum rules before continue this,

3 - Why you post in the Example Script Section?

4 - If you want to learn to script i recomend to you read a little more of all, the fact that you didn`t read the rules and you post in the wrong section give us a bad idea from you, try to improve that.

5 - And finaly, welcome to the forum and i hope you can learn something useful here

EDIT: :) you aren`t new :) anyway take care where you post.. :)

Edited by monoscout999

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note i said within a folder.... not my C:\ drive :mellow:

on my server i have a folder where i can drop a file for someone to download over the internet... i want to auto delete files once they get older than 7 days.

where do u find the forum rules... i am pretty new to AutoIT forums... i don't come here unless i get stuck.

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Try this >>

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w 7

_FilesOlder(@ScriptDir, "*.au3;*.log", 7, 1) ; Look for wildcards in the Help file.
; _FilesOlder("DIRECTORY", "FILTER [Default *.*]", "NUMBER OF DAYS [Default 0]", "RECURSIVE SEARCH [Default 1 - Yes]")

Func _FilesOlder($sFilePath, $sFilter = "*.*", $iDate = 0, $iRecursive = 1)
    Local $aFilter, $sCommand = "del /q @path", $sDate = "", $sRecursive = ""

    $sFilePath = StringRegExpReplace($sFilePath, "[\\/]+\z", "") & "\"
    If $iDate > 0 Then
        $sDate = "/d -" & $iDate
    If $iRecursive Then
        $sRecursive = "/S"

    $aFilter = StringSplit($sFilter, ';')
    For $A = 1 To $aFilter[0]
        RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & 'forfiles /P ' & $sFilePath & ' ' & $sRecursive & ' /M ' & $aFilter[$A] & ' ' & $sDate & ' /C ' & ' "cmd /c ' & $sCommand & '"', $sFilePath, @SW_HIDE)
EndFunc   ;==>_FilesOlder
Edited by guinness

UDF List:

_AdapterConnections()_AlwaysRun()_AppMon()_AppMonEx()_ArrayFilter/_ArrayReduce_BinaryBin()_CheckMsgBox()_CmdLineRaw()_ContextMenu()_ConvertLHWebColor()/_ConvertSHWebColor()_DesktopDimensions()_DisplayPassword()_DotNet_Load()/_DotNet_Unload()_Fibonacci()_FileCompare()_FileCompareContents()_FileNameByHandle()_FilePrefix/SRE()_FindInFile()_GetBackgroundColor()/_SetBackgroundColor()_GetConrolID()_GetCtrlClass()_GetDirectoryFormat()_GetDriveMediaType()_GetFilename()/_GetFilenameExt()_GetHardwareID()_GetIP()_GetIP_Country()_GetOSLanguage()_GetSavedSource()_GetStringSize()_GetSystemPaths()_GetURLImage()_GIFImage()_GoogleWeather()_GUICtrlCreateGroup()_GUICtrlListBox_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_SaveCSV()_GUICtrlListView_SaveHTML()_GUICtrlListView_SaveTxt()_GUICtrlListView_SaveXML()_GUICtrlMenu_Recent()_GUICtrlMenu_SetItemImage()_GUICtrlTreeView_CreateArray()_GUIDisable()_GUIImageList_SetIconFromHandle()_GUIRegisterMsg()_GUISetIcon()_Icon_Clear()/_Icon_Set()_IdleTime()_InetGet()_InetGetGUI()_InetGetProgress()_IPDetails()_IsFileOlder()_IsGUID()_IsHex()_IsPalindrome()_IsRegKey()_IsStringRegExp()_IsSystemDrive()_IsUPX()_IsValidType()_IsWebColor()_Language()_Log()_MicrosoftInternetConnectivity()_MSDNDataType()_PathFull/GetRelative/Split()_PathSplitEx()_PrintFromArray()_ProgressSetMarquee()_ReDim()_RockPaperScissors()/_RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock()_ScrollingCredits_SelfDelete()_SelfRename()_SelfUpdate()_SendTo()_ShellAll()_ShellFile()_ShellFolder()_SingletonHWID()_SingletonPID()_Startup()_StringCompact()_StringIsValid()_StringRegExpMetaCharacters()_StringReplaceWholeWord()_StringStripChars()_Temperature()_TrialPeriod()_UKToUSDate()/_USToUKDate()_WinAPI_Create_CTL_CODE()_WinAPI_CreateGUID()_WMIDateStringToDate()/_DateToWMIDateString()Au3 script parsingAutoIt SearchAutoIt3 PortableAutoIt3WrapperToPragmaAutoItWinGetTitle()/AutoItWinSetTitle()CodingDirToHTML5FileInstallrFileReadLastChars()GeoIP databaseGUI - Only Close ButtonGUI ExamplesGUICtrlDeleteImage()GUICtrlGetBkColor()GUICtrlGetStyle()GUIEventsGUIGetBkColor()Int_Parse() & Int_TryParse()IsISBN()LockFile()Mapping CtrlIDsOOP in AutoItParseHeadersToSciTE()PasswordValidPasteBinPosts Per DayPreExpandProtect GlobalsQueue()Resource UpdateResourcesExSciTE JumpSettings INISHELLHOOKShunting-YardSignature CreatorStack()Stopwatch()StringAddLF()/StringStripLF()StringEOLToCRLF()VSCROLLWM_COPYDATAMore Examples...

Updated: 22/04/2018

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