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Is there a autoit version of this VB script ?

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I'm using this script at a customer of mine to cleanup locale user profiles :

Const LocalDocumentsFolder = "C:\Documents and Settings\"

set objFSO = createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(localdocumentsfolder)

on error resume next

for each fldr in objFolder.SubFolders

if not isexception(fldr.name) then

objFSO.DeleteFolder fldr.path, True

end if


Function isException(byval foldername)

select case foldername

case "All Users"

isException = True

case "Default User"

isException = True

case "LocalService"

isException = True

case "NetworkService"

isException = True

case "Administrator"

isException = True

case "Nood"

isException = True

case Else

isException = False

End Select

End Function

Is there an Autoit version for this. Would be nice if the exceptions could be set in a ini file.


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Without knowing VB script, it does not look to hard to recreate

I'll start you off...

Global Const $LocalDocumentsFolder = "C:Documents and Settings"

$objFSO = ObjCreate("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If Not IsObj ($objFSO) Then

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I don't know VB script either, but perhaps the IsException function could be rewritten like this

Func _$isException($foldername)
    Switch $foldername
        Case "All Users"
            $isException = True
        Case "Default User"
            $isException = True
        Case "LocalService"
            $isException = True
        Case "NetworkService"
            $isException = True
        Case "Administrator"
            $isException = True
        Case "Nood"
            $isException = True
        Case Else
            $isException = False

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that original VB script looks like a recursive nightmare ... and won't do anything but eat memory. Why are you calling your function ... inside the function?

Which function are you referring to? isException? That's how to return the function in vbscript.


msgbox isEven(7)
msgbox isEven(10542348)

Function isEven(varNum)
    if varNum mod 2 = 0 Then
        isEven = True
        isEven = False
    end if
End Function
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