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Blocking User Mouse Input yet being able to use MouseClick()

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I am stuck. I am trying to block the users from using the mouse yet in this script I need to make extensive use of Mouseclick()

I am using BlockInputEx to block the mouse but it also blocks MouseClick(). I can unblock the mouse long enough to do a MouseClick() and then re-block it but the users have found out that in the brief moment between un-blocking and re-blocking they have control of the mouse. Any ideas?

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Make the mouseclicks instant? You should be able to unblock, instant click, then re block.


Do you have #requireadmin ? If so, you should be able to do mouse clicks with the blockinput enabled.

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That seems to be the problem. Out of all the threads I have started about BlockInputEx I have gotten absolutely zero replies. After first looking at BlockInputEx my first thought was "what a wonder udf". After months of no replies either in the General area or in the BlockInputEx thread I am getting a bad feeling that no one uses it and it is obsolete. Has it been replaced with something "new and improved"?

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I think blocking keyboard or mouse isn't the best way to keep users from doing "bad" things. You mentioned the application you want to control to be a "commercial package".

I would suggest to give your users only permissions they need to have. So your "control script" should become obsolete.

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I chided you gently here about the number of threads you have opened on this topic and now I find you have started yet another. :)

If no-one is answering it is because no-one knows the solution or no-one is interested enough to work on it. Remember that what is important to you is not necessarily so to others - and also that you paid nothing to use AutoIt or to post here, so no-one here has any obligation to offer you any help at all.

I will make myself absolutely clear this time - do NOT open another thread on this subject or you will not be able to open any threads at all for a while. ;)


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Search for MouseSetOnEvent_UDF.au3.

Here is an example of stopping mouse movement for 8 seconds

#include "MouseSetOnEvent_UDF.au3"

;Disable mouse moves, and call our function when mouse would have moved
_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_MOVE_EVENT, "MouseMove_Event")
_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_MOVE_EVENT) ;Enable mouse move again.

;more code?

Func MouseMove_Event()

The mouse event udf is

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May I suggest only disabling controls (buttons, input boxes etc) and not disabling all user input. If for some reason the script hangs or goes into an infinite loop during this, the user is unable to do anything. Of course you can just hit ctrl+alt+del and it will free the controls back up, but if we're talking about a true "User", they wouldn't know to do that.


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