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Write new line in existing .ini section

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I'm trying to create a function that adds an additional key and value to an existing .ini section. The existing ini would look something like:


I have a simple GUI with a field and a button. The button triggers a function which I would like to add the input from the field into a new line under the [Programs] section in the existing ini. So if were to type in "NewValue" into the field and press the button, it should make the existing ini look like:


The problem is, iniWrite seems to just overwrite the first existing occurance of the item value making the ini look like:


The iniSectionWrite seems to just overwrite the existing section entirely leaving this:


I'm probably over looking some better function to use, and I'd like to avoid having to capture an array of all the existing keys and rewriting them back into a new section with iniSectionWrite. Ideally, I'd like to add that new line even if the existing key and value combo already exists under that section. In theory, if I pushed the button 5 times with the same value in the field, it would add 5 identical lines to that section. I'd appreciate any help.

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IniWrite does not support multiple keys with the same name, so the thing you want to avoid is the the only thing you can do. I had to do it in one of my scripts too.

I guess I'll have to go that route then, thanks. I'm still open to other suggestions if they're out there though. Thanks again.

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You could add the key, and then rename the section to the number of times the key was pressed

IniWrite("C:\Temp\myfile.ini", "3", "Z", "Pressed")




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I found a semi-workaround because I embarrassingly was having trouble adding the new entry I wanted to the iniReadSection array.

I captured the existing entries with iniReadSection... Deleted the section with IniDelete... Recreated the section name with FileWrite, added the new Entry with FileWrite, then dumped the captured array underneath it with FileWrite.

$sIni = "Scriptsmenu.ini"
$Sec = InputBox("Section to edit", "Section:")
$New = InputBox("Entry to add", "Entry:")
Local $var = IniReadSection($sIni, $Sec)
IniDelete($sIni, $Sec)
Local $file = FileOpen($sIni, 1)
FileWrite($file, "[" & $Sec & "]" & @CRLF)
FileWrite($file, "Item=" & $New & @CRLF)
For $i = 1 To $var[0][0]
FileWrite($file, $var[$i][0] & "=" & $var[$i][1] & @CRLF)

I'm still pretty bad working with arrays. I can create them from scratch, or pull them from something like iniReadSection. I run into serious trouble when I try to tinker with adding something to an array after it's been created.

This solution will do for now, but if anyone can easily explain how I would add an extra value to that iniReadSection array I'd love to know how to do it in the future. This would also probably make alphabetizing the section much easier too (I'm guessing?).

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When you try to read the section with a key of item what do you expect to get?

If you can live with a construct like this


then it is just a mater of reading the section, finding the highest numbered entry (ubound of the returned array) and creating a new item with the key being "item" concatenated with the ubound of the returned array + 1.


edit: add example

This is rough and no error checking but demonstrates the principle

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>


; Create a test INI file

local $inifile = @scriptdir & '\test.ini', $str

if not fileexists($inifile) then

    for $1 = 1 to 10
        for $2 = 1 to 5
            $str &= chr(random(65,90,1))
        iniwrite($inifile,"Programs","Item" & stringformat('%02s',$1),$str)
        $str = ''


; ADD INI Entry

local $gui010   =   guicreate('Add an Entry to the Programs Section of my INI File')
local $inp010   =   guictrlcreateinput('Type Program Name Here',50,50,200,20)
local $btn010   =   guictrlcreatebutton('Display INI File',50,150,200,20)

while 1
    switch guigetmsg()
        case $gui_event_close
        Case $inp010
        Case $btn010

func _add($pgm)

    if stringlen(stringstripws($pgm,3)) = 0 then return

    local $aPrograms = IniReadSection($inifile,"Programs")
    local $EntryKey = "Item" & stringformat('%02s',$aPrograms[0][0] + 1)


edit2: Note - this only works if all entries are present (not deleted). If an entry is deleted manually then that slot may be overwritten.

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