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VirusTotal API 2.0 UDF


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I'm not thinking in improve it. If You want to improve it. the door is open. :)


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Hi Danyfirex,

i am really new to Autoit,

i need to use your script for scanning exe in VT.

care to explain i can i use your script?

​Look the code I've left in the post here. the $fScan flag is what you need.

Sorry for a late reply the notifications does not notificate me till today :S


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8 minutes ago, cu0x said:

Hello Guys,


does someone know how to get a  Virus total API key

I do a lot of stuff with AutoIT and need to automate the commits for False-Positives... Thanks a lot!

check here.



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On 13.5.2013 at 6:17 AM, Danyfirex said:

Hi mates, well this is my first contribution. a simple UDF to use Virustotal API v2.0 The response return is not parsed|splitted. requires >WinHttp UDF

Functions List:


Now a Only Function using a flags for respective mode.
VT() Use respective flag($Type)
VT(ByRef $aAPI, $Type, $sResource, $sAPIkey,$Comments="")
$fReport = retrieve a scan report on a given file
$fScan   = submit a file for Scanning
$fRescan = Rescan files in VirusTotal's file store
$uReport = retrieve a scan report on a given URL
$uScan   = submit a URL for Scanning
$Comment = Make a commnet on files and URLs
#include <Crypt.au3>
#include "VT.au3"


Func Example()

    Local $sFilePath = @WindowsDir & "\Explorer.exe" 

    Local $bHash = _Crypt_HashFile($sFilePath, $CALG_MD5)
    Local $hVirusTotal = VT_Open()
    Local $APIkey='Your API key'
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $fReport, '20c83c1c5d1289f177bc222d248dab261a62529b19352d7c0f965039168c0654',$APIkey) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $fScan, $sFilePath,$APIkey) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $fRescan, hex($bHash),$APIkey) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $uReport, "http://www.virustotal.com",$APIkey) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $uScan, "http://www.google.com",$APIkey) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite(VT($hVirusTotal, $Comment, hex($bHash) ,$APIkey,"Hello Word | Hola Mundo") & @CRLF)
    VT_Close($hVirusTotal) ;
EndFunc   ;==>Example


Hi I reveice an empty string while $hVirusTotal = VT_Open(), do you know why?



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okay, it looks like its not only exe files, but all bigger files, I was able to send about 6MB txt file, bet when it got to around 7.5mb got response 0. It's strange because according to VirusTotal, you can send files up to 32MB :/

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If you have problems with uploading larger files, you need to increase http timeouts.

Change VT_Open() function to this:

; #FUNCTION# =============================================================================================
; Name...........: VT_Open
; Description ...: Initialize and get session handle & connection handle
; Syntax.........: VT_Open()
; guinness
; #FUNCTION# =============================================================================================
Func VT_Open()
    Local $aAPI[2] = [0, 0]
    $aAPI[$eAPI_HttpOpen] = _WinHttpOpen()
    If @error Then $aAPI[$eAPI_HttpOpen] = -1
    _WinHttpSetTimeouts($aAPI[$eAPI_HttpOpen], 9900, 60000, 31000, 90000)
    $aAPI[$eAPI_HttpConnect] = _WinHttpConnect($aAPI[$eAPI_HttpOpen], $__sVirusTotal_Page)
    If @error Then $aAPI[$eAPI_HttpConnect] = -1
    Return $aAPI
EndFunc   ;==>VT_Open


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