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Read Text File based on a key

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So I have a text file that contain:




I want to create a function that return value for key I'm searching for.

I'm not really need this because I already have my code working great, but I wonder and keen to learning another ways to do it :)

I believe there must be a dozen ways to do this with less lines of codes and in higher processing speed compared to my stupid and simple code.

Func ReadTextFileBaseOnKey($fFile, $sKey)
    $iLine = 1
    $sResult = ""
    $file = fileOPen($fFile, 0)
    while 1
        $sRead2 = FileReadLine($file, $iLine)
        if @error Then
            $sRead = FileReadLine($fFile, $iLine)
            If StringLeft($sRead, StringLen($sKey)) = $sKey then
                $sResult = StringRight($sRead, StringLen($sRead)-StringInStr($sRead,"=",0))
            $iLine = $iLine + 1
    Return $sResult

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Something like this I guess :

#include <Array.au3>

Local $s = "", $sKey = "", $a = 0

$s = FileRead("t.txt")

$sKey = "key3"

$sKey = StringRegExpReplace($sKey, "(\.|\||\*|\?|\+|\(|\)|\{|\}|\[|\]|\^|\$|\\)", "\\$1") ;pattern escape

$a = StringRegExp($s, $sKey & "=(.*)", 3)

Br, FireFox.


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Add a section header to the file and you can use the Ini* functions of AutoIt like IniRead.

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yet another way ;)

#include <Array.au3>

Local $sTest = "key1 = This has some value" & @CRLF & _
        "key2 = Values cant contain equal sign" & @CRLF & _
        "key3 ! =  One equal sign per line"

Local $aRegExp = StringRegExp($sTest, "(?mU)^([^\r\n=]+)=([^=]+)$", 4)
Local $iUbound = UBound($aRegExp), $aTemp

Local $aKeys_Values[$iUbound][2]

For $i = 0 To $iUbound - 1

    $aTemp = $aRegExp[$i]
    $aKeys_Values[$i][0] = $aTemp[1] ;the key
    $aKeys_Values[$i][1] = $aTemp[2] ;the value


$aKeys_Values = 0
$aRegExp = 0

Though I would even recommend IniRead/Write as Water said

Regards :)

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If you have full control over the text file content, then I would do as water suggests ... that's if it hasn't got header/s already, which would make it even easier.

Working with .ini files, is quick, simple and easy.

If you had to or wanted to, you could even duplicate any text file, placing a subject header in the local copy first ... that's if you had to leave the original as is.

The beauty with an ini file, apart from simplicity of interaction, is that you can use one file like so ->


[Header 1]




[Header 2]




[Header 3]





If you didn't have the equals sign though, I would recommend going the route the others suggested.

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@Water: thanks for the idea for using ini file. That will be much convinience and easier.

@TheSaint: thanks for showing another way of using ini file. Yes, I have the equals sign :)

@PhoenixXL: thanks for showing another way using that using RegEx :)

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