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looking for array assignment syntax

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Hi Fellow code-naughts. How is it going.

I m trying to do this:

Dim $myArray[4]

;long arduous codes insert here

$myArray = [1, 2, 3, 4] ; <======= and obviously this gives you an error.


so besides doing the 

$myArray[0] = 1;

$myArray[1] = 2;


any faster way of doing this?




Second question: all local variables, even arrays are destroyed at the end of their scope right? I am not sure about array being a pointer or not in autoit.

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I code, therefore It exits

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Don't use Dim, AutoIt beta help demonstrates why.

Local $aArray[4] = [0, 1, 2, 3]

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Updated: 04/09/2015

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And if you do NOT want to do it at assignment time you can do it later in a loop like so...

#include <array.au3>

local $myArray[4]

for $i = 0 to 3
    $myArray[$i] = $i+1



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Thanks for the replies,

I didn't understand the Dim and Local explanation there.

and unfortunately it is not something can be solved by a loop.

my needs arise from something like this:


Func ColorCompare( $p1, $p2)


$p1 and $p2 are 2 elements arrays representing pixels

when I call the func ColorCompare, I would like to be able to just do this:

ColorCompare( [23, 53] , [345, 132])

Apparently I can not.

I code, therefore It exits

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No, not yet at least. Array literals are on the list of things I would like to see in the language later.

Usually points are passed around as two parameters, so you'd write your function like:

Func ColorCompare($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2)

Then call it like:

ColorCompare(23, 53, 345, 132)

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