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francoiste - Please close the "Report Log Window" to exit

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i have just upgraded from to (including SciTE4AutoIt

this is my code

#include <Debug.au3>
_DebugSetup("MyTool - Debug", False)

; ...

Exit (0)

upon program exit there's an annoying windows opening with the message: Please close the "Report Log Window" to exit.

after commenting out the first to lines (the #include and the _DebugSetup(...)) the symptom dissapears.

i have just read the current documentation for "_DebugSetup".

there it mentions: If the "Report Log Window" type is used then the script will end only when closing the report window.

so the current behaviour seems to be "as designed".

i'm just surprised it was different in earlier versions.

even though i don't ever call "_DebugOut(...)" - and hence there will be no debug window - it insists i should close it on program exit.

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)


Looking at the change logs, nothing has been changed in the UDF recently. In the help file page for the UDF it does say clearly:


If the "Report Log Window" type is used then the script will end only when closing the report window

so it is unsurprising that the report window stays open. Besides you surely wish to see the debug information you have collected? ;)

This thread from a few years ago suggests a possible solution - any use? :huh:


Edit: I see you have now read the Help file too! :D

Edited by Melba23

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Notify ------------- Small notifications on the edge of the display
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Because the debug environment get's prepared by _DebugSetup.

As this UDF is for debugging only (not to be used in a production environment), there should be a call to _DebugOut as well.

So: Either remove thwe first two lines as you did or add some calls to _DebugOut.

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