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Kill list of exe's after set time when user stops pressing keys or using mouse

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to using this program (I've successfully used it to write one small program that forces a list of exe's to focus) and I thought I'd ask for help here before I waste a week trying to write something without a lot of experience. Basically I'm looking for some code along the lines of my topic title:

I have a handful of exe's (games) that I will be launching from a separate program I've written in Java, and, because I can't necessarily control those applications after my Java app loses focus, I needed something that would begin a timer to determine that the user has stopped playing the games through a lack of keyboard and mouse input. Basically, if after 5 minutes passes with no further inputs, kill one of the listed processes and return focus to my program.

I hope that was clear and thanks,


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I have removed 2 duplicates and like to point you first to our forumrules, especially the part about game automation.


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I read the rules. This has nothing to do with commercial games.

I am building kiosks for a museum exhibition featuring the work of a video game artist and have written a java app that allows visitors to launch a game of their choosing from a list. The game launches and if the visitor gets bored or walks away, I need the application to close after a certain amount of time or another visitor will find an already opened game and not understand that they can go back to choose from a complete list.

That's it. I guess my other question is should I have posted this on the technical forum?

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Please have a look at function _Timer_GetIdleTime to see how long a user has been idle.

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Thank you. This did the trick, and I should be able to add more applications to this code without trouble.

#include <Timers.au3>

While 1 ;loop to constantly check conditions
    If (ProcessExists("notepad.exe")) And _Timer_GetIdleTime() > 10000 Then ;if the user is idle for more than 10secs

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Thanks! The other short script I wrote actually bogs things down quite a bit and I wasn't sure why.

Would I be running that outside or inside my while loop?

Sleeps should go inside your loop

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