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Hello guys.Could you teach me how to get the maximum level of privacy on my computer? Someone told me that a good starting point is to use the Linux OS,and to abort the usage of Windows,but i need more information. How can i get my PC away from the another's eyes? How can i hide my IP without any WEB service? 

Thanks in advance.

Linux is not actually too secure. It's like Swiss cheese, full of "holes". That's how it becomes thanks to the way how it's being developed. It's devs are trying to be on bleeding edge all the time, various stuff gets tried out, sometimes worked out then discarded and replaced by something new. Security and flawlessness of the code take both definite back seat.

Most secure from OSes is probably OpenBSD but it really works as desktop only if you have certain type of hardware. It's devs are not into binary blobs in drivers and so you have to keep in mind certain limitations. For desktop system, for example, you'd need to stick to Intel graphics. Nvidia is totally out and many of the ATI graphics cards as well.

FreeBSD is compromise between OpenBSD's singleminded security and desktop usability. Nvidia graphics works. ATI/AMD graphics works up to Radeon HD7950 and Intel HD graphics works. It's stable, follows POSIX standards, contains no "linuxisms" and whole system is being developed as a whole. (Linux is kernel, + each distributor throws it's set of GNU utilities around it, mostly each following it's own preferences and it's quite of mess of differences between distros as a result). Just to make sure it's understood, BSDs are different family of Unix-like OSes, they are not Linux.

You can't really hide, if you want to use Internet. Each server in web you visit, you leave your data. What browser, which OS, locale, IP etc. You can up to certain point disguise it, using proxies, Tor etc but whatfor? Is the inconvenience worth the false sense of "security". IMHO, as long as your computer stays uninfected by malware and your personal data does not leak - you are staying secure.

PS. If you happen to own smartphone and still seek total privacy, throw it away for start. You would not believe how easy is to get into one provided access to certain tech. Google for GSM fake base station.

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It is fairly simple.

Step 1: Use Tor to connect to the internet. This will make your internet slow, but safe.

Step 2: Disable Windows Update. This leaks your IP to Microsoft.

Step 3: Replace Microsoft Word with Libre Office. Libre is much more secure.

Step 4: Use disposable/hidden email. temp-mail.org would work. Protonmail is great as well. Also try sigaint email (Accessible through Tor)

Step 5: Don't use social media.

Step 6: Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google


That's pretty much it.

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I do not think Tor makes your internet connection safe, just safer ;)

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Don't think it makes it safer at all, just hides your source IP address, but would even claim it could make it unsafer as you have no clue how safe the proxy is you are being routed through. ;)


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Developed by the navy, for use by the navy, and the head of the NSA and cyber command is currently an Admiral.  For extra privacy you could just set them up a log forwarder on your box.

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