Auto it script is not running after closing session

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I have written a script in autoit for automation. It is scheduled and running on server but i have noticed it stops at some points. But when i am taking remote of server and running it runs fine. Is it problem of winActivate() or winWaitActivate() or any other method which i am using, is only run when screen is activated? If this is the may i get list of those methods and alternative of the same. I need alternative of winActivate() and winWaitActivate() methods. Any document or link is welcome. Please help ...       


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I am not able to fetch id of all GUI components through "auto it info" tool so i have used  send() method. Is there any other way to achieve the same will be helpful for me. And may i get where it is documented that Send() commands will not function in a scheduled program.

And what about  winActivate() or winWaitActivate()  methods. Any alternate?

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9 hours ago, Akashrai said:

... may i get where it is documented that Send() commands will not function in a scheduled program

I don't think such documentation exists.  There is a blurb in the help file for the function that mentions a couple of scenarios in which Send is unreliable or doesn't work.  Running as a scheduled task isn't one of them; however...I think this issue is more of a imposition of the OS rather than a limitation of the Autoit function.  Specifically in regards to Scheduled Tasks, I believe It has to do with whether or not process are running interactively.  If your script relies on manipulating an interactive GUI it won't be able to when the session/desktop is locked/disconnected.  

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Thanks spudw2k. I have tested send() is working fine But I faced problem with  winActivate() or winWaitActivate()  methods . So i need alternative of the same.

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