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help with retrieving system info

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Hi all,


I'm making an app that among other things has the system info feature, where it displays stuff like the system version, build, CPU and ram stats, etc.

So, I haven't been able to find anywhere a way to access the following things (is there even?):

  • Windows version (not like WIN_10, but the version like 1607, or 1511
  • Windows edition like professional, home, education, etc.
  • information whether the Windows is registered or not (optionally the registrant's name)
  • the type of the currently logged-in user (e.g., administrator)
  • computer manufacturer and model (e.g., dell inc. Inspiron n5110
  • boot mode (e.g., safe, normal)
  • CPU tempreture

I'd appreciate a lot if any of you could help me with any of the things from above; it would mean a lot to me.


Have a great day.

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@nss didn't look that hard, did you? For Windows version and type look at @OS* macros in the help file. The others are a little more involved, but a simple search of this forum will reveal the many times it has been done.

Edit: I do see that you're looking for numeric version, rather than WIN_10, but a search of the forum will show you that as well (hint OSBuild)


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All due respect, but I have searched everywhere and haven't found what I'm looking for.

I have seen @OSBuild in help file, but it returns something like 14393.693, while what I need is 1607.

I'll try searching again, but I would really appreciate if you could refer me to the posts about the things I need.


Have a great day.

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You can use:

RegRead('HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion', 'ReleaseId')


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Thank you guys a lot!

I couldn't get scriptomatic to work – I use a screen reader to work on my computer and it doesn't work with all the guis.

Now the only thing I need more is per-core bassed tempreture, and computer manufacturer/model (since I couldn't get scriptomatic to work).

I'm not good with WMI...

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