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Accessing phone storage (advice needed)

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Hello all,

First, I wish you a happy new year.

I am building with autoit a substitution tool to sync my iTunes playlist with my android phone.

I have managed reading the itunes lib, but now I am stuck at reading / writing on my android device.

From all the searches I made, it is using MTP protocol. 

The Windows Explorer can read and write on the device.

The device appears as a "portable device".


Does anyone of you can direct me in some direction to keep investigate.


Thanks in advance



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Hello. If you want to do it using Windows API you need to implement WPD.


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4 hours ago, Danyfirex said:

Hello. If you want to do it using Windows API you need to implement WPD.



Thanks for the pointer. I start trying, but not being famiiar with objcreateinterface syntax makes it very difficult.

I found your previous post. Have you been further down the road on implementing some WPD functions ?


It seems promising, but complex. Any help or advices will be appreciated





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It's a little complex. I think the better alternative for you is use adb commandline tool.


But if you want to implement it using Raw AutoIt code. You would need maybe check MSDN's C++ examples and convert them to AutoIt. I really have not time to do it.



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Thank for the info. I will try on my own.

All I need is 3 basic functions :
   1 - to be able to list the content of a device starting at a particular point
   2 - to be able to copy a file fom the PC to the device
   3 - to be able to delete form the device

I understood the DeviceManager script. But I am still stuck at getting the device.content. I have practice C++ long ago, and MS examples are still complex.


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  • 3 weeks later...


After a little research on the side of the MTP protocol support, I realized that the windows explorer was accessing the device supporting MTP.
So I decided to use the Shell.Application COM object.

I propose you this little tool whose objective is to allow you to synchronize your iTunes playlists with an android phone.

I used teh work for the previous iTunes UDF published

I wrote a not complete version of file.au3 UDF mainly for _FileListToArrayRec, _PathSplit, FileExists, FileDelete, FileCopy, DirCreate, DirRemove, FileFindFirstFile, FileFindNextFile, 

I still have 2 points of potential improvement.
I did not find how to create a directory on an MTP device. I get around by copying an existing directory and using it as a template.
And yes, the creation does not work, but the copy yes.
On deletion, I can not avoid the delete confirmation request. The MTP device is not sensitive to the setting of the noconfirmdelete parameter ($SSF_NOCONFIRMRECYCLE)

I will now take care of the special elements: audio books, podcast, courses (iTunesU).

If you have ideas to solve my 2 improvement points, I'm interested.


Hope the apps will help some of you



GUI - itunes Sync.7z

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