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Something simple enough, and I am sure it's an oversight, but I have not been able to track this down. The entire script is attached, but here is the point of failure.

Note: I am getting the "Error: subscript used on non-accessible variable" but I thought the initial line of:

AutoItSetOption('MouseCoordMode', 0)

Should address that issue? 


; Install updates (minimized and updating for many minutes)
; Updates Not Installed Screen
   ; Wait for updates to complete
WinWait("ProSeries Update")

   ; Wait just over 9 minutes to ensure popup is ready (test alternative to WinWait)

   ; Set focus on Product Licenses window
WinActivate("ProSeries Update")

   ; Send Mouse Click to Install Now button

MouseClick ( "left" [, 581, 362 [, clicks = 1 [, speed = 10]]] )

; end Installing Updates screen



Thanks for any insights!



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Udpate, tried with simpler:


MouseClick("left", 580, 360, 50)


Now, not getting an error, but the installer is not advancing.


1. Verified the Window Information tool was set to "Window" and verified coordinates few times as I moved the window around the screen.

2. Verified I am looking at the mouse tab as well as the position information there.

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Why 50 clicks?


Renamer - Rename files and folders, remove portions of text from the filename etc.

GPO Tool - Export/Import Group policy settings.

MirrorDir - Synchronize/Backup/Mirror Folders

BeatsPlayer - Music player.

Params Tool - Right click an exe to see it's parameters or execute them.

String Trigger - Triggers pasting text or applications or internet links on specific strings.

Inconspicuous - Hide files in plain sight, not fully encrypted.

Regedit Control - Registry browsing history, quickly jump into any saved key.

Time4Shutdown - Write the time for shutdown in minutes.

Power Profiles Tool - Set a profile as active, delete, duplicate, export and import.

Finished Task Shutdown - Shuts down pc when specified window/Wndl/process closes.

NetworkSpeedShutdown - Shuts down pc if download speed goes under "X" Kb/s.

IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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3 hours ago, Earthshine said:

use silent install of installer instead of automation of installer

I wish, we typically do that, we have around 500 applications packaged for SCCM, but this is pretty much the only one that has to be done manually, partially because of the updater. 

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1 hour ago, Earthshine said:

you could use the Information Tool to capture the buttons and controls you want to control, and then talk direct to them maybe?

Typically I use:


or a tab space or tab enter:


But, this installer is a real nightmare. There is no "button" just a giant panel when attempting to get button info with the tool.

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