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UIASpy - UI Automation Spy Tool

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Help for the mentally weak.

The install instructions for UAISpy are totally confusing to this occasional user.  "Copy all include files to this folder" depends on where you are.  Do the two root au3 files need to be in the Autoit Include folder? Do the "Includes" need to be within the AutoIt Include folder as a sub-folder or as peers?  Sorry for the lack of insight on how this stuff all interacts.

I keep my Au3 files on a different disk.

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The GUI looks like shown in the picture: It contains a main menu, a treeview in left pane that lists UI Automation elements, a listview in right pane that displays detail information for the

faustf, I'm pretty sure your life will be much easier if you find yourself a job where you can use your hands. And neither on a mouse nor a keyboard.

Sample code creation through Sample code main menu   The Sample code main menu is used for Sample code creation. Much more code can be created through the menu than through the Detail i

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I am not sure if you should try uia things then if you struckle with installing.

Do you get errors?

In the help file is described how you can add additional paths for include files. For installing this you have to put the automation include files in your includes folder either the generic one or a configured folder. 

Maybe this will help



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13 hours ago, jimg said:

I keep my Au3 files on a different disk.

That's fine, this is what I have done too.  Personally, I have created subfolders to hold each UDF separately.  And I create my scripts into the corresponding subfolder when I use a specific UDF.  Just another way to classify my UDF.

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When I attempt to run UAISpy, I get a "file not found UIA_Costansts.au3".  It has the path right, file just isn't there.

This is a slow process because I have to work on a machine at my wife's office, and I can only do that when the employee is off and my wife isn't using the VPN.

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I'm sorry if my spelling suffers when I have to jump back and forth from RDP access to the target computer.  If you meant the first post of this thread, yes I read it, and it mentions UIA_constants.au3 is enhanced for Win10, but there's no link to the file.  I would think the non-Win10 enhanced file would have been in the zip archive.

You'll be 75 years old some day and misspell an occasional word.

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I am having trouble using UIASpy, it works great for me for the things I've tried. However, on this system that I am on which is built on java and accessed through internet explorer only, UIASpy can't identify each element, when I press F1 it just highlights the whole window as one block and using Au3Info shows "SunAwtCanvas" as class:



What can I do to be able to identify and manipulate each of these elements? Is there anything additional that needs installing or something needs to be enabled for it to work?

I would appreciate your help.


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