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How to remove #RequireAdmin - (Moved)


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I'm trying to install some setup stuff on Win10. 

One part of the script requires just regular user privileges but the other requires admin privileges.  When I run it from the Autoit Editor it works like a champ.  When I build it, Windows slaps the admin stamp on it and then when I attempt to run the part that only requires regular users....it gets all hosed up. 

Is there a way to remove #RequireAdmin? 

I've tried RunAs(username, "", myPassword, "", "cmd.exe", "") but that never seems to work.

Can someone help me out?

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I'm not sure, if I really get what you mean by telling "... it gets all hosed up".


What exactly are you trying to do, and what errors do you face? (your code, pls!)


If the script requires full UAC access, you will need to use #requireadmin.


Mybe other execution levels might be sufficent as well for this particular setup? See the compilatioin options:



Regards, Rudi.

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Run the script from an elevated process.   such as an elevated command prompt, or a scheduled task set to be elevated

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