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Assign() Function issue - (Moved)

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I am trying to assign values from an imported properties file  to variables ( Which I am trying to create via Assign Function As well ) . But Somehow the Assign function fails to create the variables due to which my script errors out with : "Variable not Defined Error"


Snippet of Code

Assign("myVariable","Some Random Text",$ASSIGN_FORCEGLOBAL)
ConsoleWrite("Newly Created Variable : " & $myVariable)


Even this simple script errors out with the error : "Variable not Defined". My goal is to read , create and assign value to values at run time .



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Global $myVariable = "Some Random Text"
ConsoleWrite("Newly Created Variable : " & $myVariable&@CRLF)

Never used "assign", does this work for you?

PS: this is the wrong forum section.

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Moved to the appropriate forum, as the AutoIt Example Scripts forum very clearly states:


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Do not post general support questions here, instead use the AutoIt Help and Support forums.

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Assign won't bring you anything useful in this context. Read and parse your input file into variables (no need to create then with "special" names), arrays, maps, whatever structure fits the bill.

I'm still curious to see a situation where Assign would be beneficial.

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3 hours ago, HIMBIN said:

My goal is to read , create and assign value to values at run time

Assign("myVariable","Some Random Text",2)
ConsoleWrite("IsDeclared: " & IsDeclared("myVariable") & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("Newly Created Variable : " & Eval("myVariable") & @CRLF)
Func meh()
    ConsoleWrite("Newly Created Variable in func: " & Eval("myVariable") & @CRLF)

if you read the help for Assign(), you'll find: If there is a need to use Assign() to create/write to a variable, then in most situations, Eval() should be used to read the variable and IsDeclared() should be used to check that the variable exists.

Then again, like everyone so far advised, try a different way to code it. 

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