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OneNote app script details

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I've spent some time looking in this forum and searching the web to find out what to code in my AutoIt script to start the Windows 10 OneNote app. I can start OneNote 2016 from the script, but lately it is having login problems. Whereas the OneNote app works fine.

Can someone tell me what to code for ShellExecute or Run?


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You mean that ? 


Func Example()
    ShellExecute("C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\OneNote 2016")
EndFunc   ;==>Example

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Not sure from your question if you're trying to start OneNote 2016 or the OneNote app. If you're looking for the OneNote app then...

It's a UWP app (might stand for Unholy Wreck of a Program). You can't just find the executable file and run it. Instead, you can:

  • Associate the "onenote:" protocol handler with OneNote (not 2016)... (I did it by using the below once and selecting "Always run with this program") The colon is important, otherwise it will find onenote.exe from your PATH. Use it like:
; Or
Run(@ComSpec & " /c start onenote:")
  • Use this mess, but it will only ever bring up OneNote (not 2016) as far as I can tell:
ShellExecute("explorer.exe", "shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.Office.OneNote_8wekyb3d8bbwe!microsoft.onenoteim")
; Or 
Run("explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.Office.OneNote_8wekyb3d8bbwe!microsoft.onenoteim")

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