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problem with wingethanndle, Wingetproccess ...

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This is a piece of code I use to identify the PID and Process Name of the active window:

#include <Process.au3>
local $WHandle = WinGetHandle("[Active]")
local $WTitle = WinGetTitle($WHandle)
local $PID = WinGetProcess($WHandle)
local $Process = _ProcessGetName($PID)

Tooltip(StringFormat("WHandle(%s) WTitle(%s) PID(%s) ProcessName(%s) ", $WHandle, $WTitle, $PID, $Process))

However on some application, I am getting wrong PID/processName; It returns ApplicationFrameHost.exe when the process is clearly NOT it.

example: (sometimes when browsing folders)

WHandle(0x0002018E) WTitle(Photos) PID(3500) ProcessName(ApplicationFrameHost.exe)

where am I doing wrong?


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