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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Since the forum upgrades wound up in the first post being all but decimated, anyone needing this info can currently go to the Web Archive to find an old version of the FAQ. I sent an email to the original author, but they haven't been around in a while, so I don't know if they will come back to fix it.

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Hi everyone,

I did read F&Q, however still not get any clu.

I am looking forward to make an automation tool to manage a webtrader.

(webtrader is a web base trading platform where traders login to from website)

I like to make it for both Mac and Windows.

Am I in the right place or not?

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As a long time user ...

Q1. How can I debug my script?

A1. This one has ...

Q18. Why isn't my thread getting any replies?

A1. Did you give ...

A2. Did you post ...

A3. Did you use ...

EDIT: 11-15-06 - Added changes suggested by Larry and Paulie

**** Where ae the rest of the FAQ's (besides Q1 and Q18)? ****

( I have abbreviated the text portions of the answers but beside Q1, A1, Q18, A2 and A3, there doesn't seem to be other FAQ's.)

BTW, I have found and read the other FAQ post!

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