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#include ? [Solved]

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#1 ·  Posted (edited)

Never written a script large enough where I though I migh need them, but decided to try anyway.

But it appers I dont understand them enough.

Main script

#include 'MyInclude.au3'

Global $var = "variable"



Func _MsgBox()

It turns out A global var from main script does not carry across includes, which is the opposite of what I thought.

I know I can put everything in one .au3, but Im just curious as to the reason I get warnings about undeclared variables.

If anyone has the time to explain I'd appreciate it.

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Well I'd say luckily declaring Global variables in one script does not in any way affect the included scripts' variables. I woulnd't really like that. If you want to pass variables around, do so in a function call. For example, you could have passed it as an argument if you built a function _MsgBox($var) :mellow:

~ edit

Apparently it does work if you include it after declaration (@Yashied) .. ah well, I always start with includes anyway so it luckily will not affect me :(

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