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Error in FF.au3 script, please help

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My code:


#Include <FF.au3>


If _FFTabExists("www.Google.com") then




Hello, I wanted to make a script to open a page when a page is open.

For example,

If I open the .au3 script and I goto www.Google.com, I want www.yahoo.com to open automatically, because I opened www.google.com.

As you could see with the above code, Im saying if google.com tab exists to open yahoo.com in another tab automatically.

It doesnt work,

Any solutions? BTw im a noob


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To leave the Noob state you need to learn and practice.

First step when you need to hunt a bug is to check for errors after every function call. Depending on the function you have to verify

  • the return value
  • the value of macro @error and @extended
So what does _FFTabExists tell you?

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ADO - Wiki


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@water _FFTabExists (i think) to verify that a tab exists, then to set an action for it. In this case I want it to automatically go to another site once the "tab" "exists"... Yes I know I am not to good with autoit and its only been my third day working in it as I am primarily a web coder.

But I just wanted to make an ff.au3 code to help me track all of my sites that Im developing.

Do you still have any solutions

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It doesnt work

Our question is, what is 'it'? Does Firefox open? Does it go to msn.com? Any AutoIt error popups? Etc, etc. Like water says, what is the return value and error code?

#Include <FF.au3>
Global $ReturnValue = _FFTabExists("www.Google.com")
MsgBox(0, '', 'Return value: ' & $ReturnValue & @CRLF & 'error; ' & @error & 'extended: ' & @extended)

That'll give you a general idea on how to debug your code and find out where things go wrong. I don't have Firefox installed so I haven't tested and I'm rather curious at the results. Because for one, you're checking for www.Google.com, you see...

I can guess at other pitfalls (missing While loop for one) and also churn out a script that does what you want, but you won't be learning much from that. Since you state you're a web coder I'm guessing you know your way around javascript. So I guess you'll also be able to figure out why you need a While loop.

The general philosophy on this forum is teaching noobs how to code rather than handing out copypasta. Don't take it the wrong way, we're more than willing to help provided you're willing to learn. Creating four near similar topics isn't really helping though... Also,help files.

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Firefox supports multiple homepages right out of the box simply use the pipe "|" character to seperate webpages. And of course you do this in the Options > General in Firefox.

http://www.google.com | http://www.yahoo.com | http://www.youtube.com | etc.

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