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Script as service and WP change at exact time

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Well i don't like to be spoon feed but i cant do it guys. :(

You see i want to make a script ran at startup as a service or just a background app.I wanted to be as a tray icon, and in christmas to have the desktop background change into a christmas one and the same for last day of december, also how to add a countdown clock that appears some time before new year's, as info balloon every hour that gives time remaining untill new year 00:00.

I found these in help file but dont know how to put them in a script

@year @mday and @mon

I am sorry gentlemen and lady's but can you help, maybe an example to work on.

Thank you in advance

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Hi, noobish, search function not working for ya? :) If you do a forum search for script + as + service, you'll see a number of threads on this topic; including a UDF in the Examples section. Why don't you use this to get you started? Once you have something on your own (even if it isn't working just the way you'd like), come on back and we can try to assist.

Also look at Tray Management in the help file.

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Also try to opt for more descriptive titles in the future, as most who post in general help and support are looking for help of some degree.

UDF List:

_AdapterConnections()_AlwaysRun()_AppMon()_AppMonEx()_ArrayFilter/_ArrayReduce_BinaryBin()_CheckMsgBox()_CmdLineRaw()_ContextMenu()_ConvertLHWebColor()/_ConvertSHWebColor()_DesktopDimensions()_DisplayPassword()_DotNet_Load()/_DotNet_Unload()_Fibonacci()_FileCompare()_FileCompareContents()_FileNameByHandle()_FilePrefix/SRE()_FindInFile()_GetBackgroundColor()/_SetBackgroundColor()_GetConrolID()_GetCtrlClass()_GetDirectoryFormat()_GetDriveMediaType()_GetFilename()/_GetFilenameExt()_GetHardwareID()_GetIP()_GetIP_Country()_GetOSLanguage()_GetSavedSource()_GetStringSize()_GetSystemPaths()_GetURLImage()_GIFImage()_GoogleWeather()_GUICtrlCreateGroup()_GUICtrlListBox_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_CreateArray()_GUICtrlListView_SaveCSV()_GUICtrlListView_SaveHTML()_GUICtrlListView_SaveTxt()_GUICtrlListView_SaveXML()_GUICtrlMenu_Recent()_GUICtrlMenu_SetItemImage()_GUICtrlTreeView_CreateArray()_GUIDisable()_GUIImageList_SetIconFromHandle()_GUIRegisterMsg()_GUISetIcon()_Icon_Clear()/_Icon_Set()_IdleTime()_InetGet()_InetGetGUI()_InetGetProgress()_IPDetails()_IsFileOlder()_IsGUID()_IsHex()_IsPalindrome()_IsRegKey()_IsStringRegExp()_IsSystemDrive()_IsUPX()_IsValidType()_IsWebColor()_Language()_Log()_MicrosoftInternetConnectivity()_MSDNDataType()_PathFull/GetRelative/Split()_PathSplitEx()_PrintFromArray()_ProgressSetMarquee()_ReDim()_RockPaperScissors()/_RockPaperScissorsLizardSpock()_ScrollingCredits_SelfDelete()_SelfRename()_SelfUpdate()_SendTo()_ShellAll()_ShellFile()_ShellFolder()_SingletonHWID()_SingletonPID()_Startup()_StringCompact()_StringIsValid()_StringRegExpMetaCharacters()_StringReplaceWholeWord()_StringStripChars()_Temperature()_TrialPeriod()_UKToUSDate()/_USToUKDate()_WinAPI_Create_CTL_CODE()_WinAPI_CreateGUID()_WMIDateStringToDate()/_DateToWMIDateString()Au3 script parsingAutoIt SearchAutoIt3 PortableAutoIt3WrapperToPragmaAutoItWinGetTitle()/AutoItWinSetTitle()CodingDirToHTML5FileInstallrFileReadLastChars()GeoIP databaseGUI - Only Close ButtonGUI ExamplesGUICtrlDeleteImage()GUICtrlGetBkColor()GUICtrlGetStyle()GUIEventsGUIGetBkColor()Int_Parse() & Int_TryParse()IsISBN()LockFile()Mapping CtrlIDsOOP in AutoItParseHeadersToSciTE()PasswordValidPasteBinPosts Per DayPreExpandProtect GlobalsQueue()Resource UpdateResourcesExSciTE JumpSettings INISHELLHOOKShunting-YardSignature CreatorStack()Stopwatch()StringAddLF()/StringStripLF()StringEOLToCRLF()VSCROLLWM_COPYDATAMore Examples...

Updated: 22/04/2018

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Backgrounds are usually a personal thing and not really appropriate to control as a service. If it is for your workplace, there might be people like me who are sick of christmas and may go postal on you.

If it is just for your computer, then just drop it in in the "all users" or "public" startup folder. It is a lot easier and much less likely to turn your computer into a paperweight.

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Thank you guys.

i'll have this but it doesn't seems to work

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <date.au3>

$form = GUICreate("Christmas?", 615, 438, 192, 124)
$button1 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Klick me!",100,100)
$label1 = GuiCtrlCreateLabel("",10,20,100,50)

While 1
$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nMsg
Case $button1

if _nowdate() = "24.12.2012" Then
GuiCtrlSetData($label1,"Weihnachtszeit weihnachtszeit sag allen bescheid das wenn Sido kommt und sack bei hat.... ") ; <= IF Christmas
ElseIf _nowdate() = "01.01.2013" Then
GuiCtrlSetData($label1,"Happy New Year!! HURRAY!!") ; <= IF New Year

GuiCtrlSetData($label1,"Today: " & _nowdate())


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Found this too but don't work either.

Any help guys ?

Func _ChangeDesktopBackground($sFile, $iPosition=3)
Local $sCLSID, $tBuffer, $hImage, $sTemp

; Convert JPG image to BMP image
$hImage = _GDIPlus_ImageLoadFromFile($sFile)
$sCLSID = _GDIPlus_EncodersGetCLSID("BMP")
$sTemp = _Str_ChangeFileExt($sFile, ".bmp")
_GDIPlus_ImageSaveToFile($hImage, $sTemp)

; Set wallpaper position
Switch $iPosition
Case 1; Tile
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'TileWallpaper' , 'reg_sz', '1')
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'WallpaperStyle', 'reg_sz', '0')
Case 2; Center
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'TileWallpaper' , 'reg_sz', '0')
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'WallpaperStyle', 'reg_sz', '0')
Case 3; Stretch
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'TileWallpaper' , 'reg_sz', '0')
RegWrite('HKCUControl PanelDesktop', 'WallpaperStyle', 'reg_sz', '2')

; Set wallpaper
$tBuffer = DllStructCreate("char Text[" & StringLen($sTemp) + 1 & "]")
DllStructSetData($tBuffer, "Text", $sTemp)

Func _Str_ChangeFileExt($sFileName, $sExtension)
Local $iIndex

$iIndex = _Str_LastDelimiter(".:", $sFileName)
if ($iIndex = 0) or (StringMid($sFileName, $iIndex, 1) <> ".") then $iIndex = StringLen($sFileName) + 1
Return StringLeft($sFileName, $iIndex - 1) & $sExtension

Func _Str_LastDelimiter($sDelimiters, $sString)
Local $iI, $iN, $sDelimiter

for $iI = 1 to StringLen($sDelimiters)
$sDelimiter = StringMid($sDelimiters, $iI, 1)
$iN = StringInStr($sString, $sDelimiter, 0, -1)
if $iN > 0 then Return $iN

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