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Simple macro, big processor consumtion

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How can i make this simple script use not so much processor

HotKeySet("r down", "test_1")
HotKeySet("q down", "test_2")
HotkeySet("{F13}", "terminate")

While 1

Func test_1()

Func test_2()
Send("                               ")

Func Terminate()
Exit 0

This is the cheap method of what i would like to make.

It works fine(not exactly as i would like) but it takes lot of processor ( i dont know why).

I hope you guys can help me in making it use the minimum processor as possible.

When the script is running i cant type Caps f... i tried to add a pause script i found but when i use it it also blocks the "r" meaning i cant type it... i use terminate because i've no other way(because of my knowledge) to stop the script.

My intention here was to hold R and make it send "ad" while its being held. same with Q sending lot of "spaces" per second. But i dont know how to do that, any help will be really appreciated. THANK YOU!

and please someone help me trying to make a pause to work properly so i can keep typing with R and Q while the script is running (but disabled)...

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thank you for the fast answer... any suggestion to pause in the right way?

well that takeoff1 and 2 dont really influence, just as a description is ok.. :D

i am now trying this:

#Include <Misc.au3>
$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")
While 1
Sleep (100)
if _IsPressed("52", $dll) Then

but i still need a PAUSE function.. can someone give me a hand?

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I would do this in a different way, i would use _ispressed, and then assign a button to a var, and that would be the pause, the rest of it would be the usual if, ispressed then blahblah

EDIT: This is what i mean

#include <Misc.au3>
Local $hDLL = DllOpen("user32.dll")
Local $Pause
If _IsPressed(20) AND $Pause = 0 Then ;Check for Space AND pause var.
ElseIf _IsPressed(50) Then ;P key, as in Pause
    If $Pause = 0 Then
    $Pause = 1
    $Pause = 0
Until _IsPressed(23) = 1 ;ENDKey
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