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Can AutoIt support multi-threading?

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I want to write some useful plugins for AutoIt, but these libraries will require AutoIt to support multi-threading in order for them to function or be useful, which unfortunately, to my knowledge it does not support.

Are there any plans currently in place to bring multi-threading or object oriented support to the language? I know that we have AutoItObject which uses the IDispatch interface in COM, but there is currently no native object oriented support. Such an addition would be great and useful. Returning to the subject of multi-threading, I want to say in addition that some scripts might need to perform certain tasks while at the same time responding to GUI events, but in such a way that the event processing does not slow down the other tasks, and the other tasks do not slow down the event processing. Is there any way to deal with this?

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However, some of what you seek to achieve (event-driven GUI + background tasks) would be possible through multi-processing (not the same thing), with a shared memory space for exchanging data between various collaborating processes (look for inter-process communication solutions on this forum). AutoIt definitely supports multi-processing; you could even hook up several machines in a LAN to work together on a big task (see for example my pooled multi-processing tutorial in the Eigen4AutoIt environment).

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Things AutoIt will never do are described here: https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/wiki/AutoItNotOnToDoList

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