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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1147 Comparison of numbers against strings gives unexpected results Valik Bug AutoIt
#1149 GUICtrlSetTrans() Feature Request AutoIt
#1152 Please fix my bug! Bug AutoIt
#1154 ControlClick() and VB.NET compatibility Bug AutoIt
#1155 _WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap() is too slow Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#1156 AutoItSetOption() generates a fatal error Valik Bug AutoIt
#1159 To select an child from the device manager in win vista 32 bit machine Feature Request AutoIt
#1160 GuictrlcreatePic not displaying over ListView in Win7 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1162 Run ( "wrong file" ) Bug AutoIt
#1163 WinGetClassList - optional parameter for parent class only Feature Request AutoIt
#1164 FileGetPos() after FileReadLine() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1165 _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_AddString as 64bit Script Bug AutoIt
#1169 high-level Recording Feature Request AutoIt
#1170 Random(1,1,1) = 0 Bug AutoIt
#1171 FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file Bug AutoIt
#1172 .NET controls in beta Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1174 Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function Bug AutoIt
#1175 add the macro @CPUusage showing the current CPU load Feature Request AutoIt
#1176 FileSetAttrib with recurse mode 1 not continue when file not found in subfolder Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1178 MsgBox timeout indicator Feature Request AutoIt
#1179 InetGetInfo - error if script is compiled Bug AutoIt
#1181 GUIGetMsg and OnEventMode. Feature Request AutoIt
#1183 FileSetTime can't set filetime Bug AutoIt
#1184 Remove all fatal errors from functions. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1185 Priority Flag for OnAutoItExitRegister Feature Request AutoIt
#1186 native support of array "slices" as Lvalue and Rvalue Nutster Feature Request AutoIt
#1187 Fix implementation of FileSetTime() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1188 EnvGet("CD"), EnvGet("TIME"), EnvGet("RANDOM") display blank Bug AutoIt
#1191 Make explicit size of arrays optional when have explicit initialization trancexx Feature Request AutoIt
#1193 InetGetInfo fails when compiled Bug AutoIt
#1195 Control key sticks down when using HotKeySet i.e. Cntl d Bug AutoIt
#1196 _GDIPlus_BitmapUnlockBits - Memory is not released Bug AutoIt
#1198 User tray items auto-checkmarking Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1199 GUI is very sluggish with keyboard navigation and screen reader Bug AutoIt
#1202 AdlibEnable Feature Request AutoIt
#1203 Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 + Tooltip = LAG! Bug AutoIt
#1204 New function - WinWaitLoad Feature Request AutoIt
#1205 Dim / ReDim / Static optimization Nutster Feature Request AutoIt
#1206 UDPRecv Only sees RAW packets with UDPBind Bug AutoIt
#1207 _GUICtrlIpAddress_Set ($hIPAddress, "") displays Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1208 No colored flat Button possible Bug AutoIt
#1209 FileOpenDialog will not allow you to specify a folder Feature Request AutoIt
#1211 Support for Mouse drag operation Feature Request AutoIt
#1213 _GUICtrlListView_AddArray adds a second array incorrect to an existing listview Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1214 InputBox() vs. date macros Bug AutoIt
#1216 Adding arrays working suspiciously Nutster Feature Request AutoIt
#1217 InetGet resume ability Feature Request AutoIt
#1218 Buttons appear flat Valik Bug AutoIt
#1223 _GUICtrlStatusBar_EmbedControl() Failing in beta Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1226 DateDayofWeek function returns wrong day name Valik Bug AutoIt
#1229 Integrate Tweaky's script into the build process. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1231 strange wildcards behaviour with filecopy Jon Bug AutoIt
#1233 "Deep" global variables not treated as global Feature Request AutoIt
#1234 Scripting.Dictionary call converting referenced AutoIt booleans to numbers Valik Bug AutoIt
#1236 error/extended pass on in "Return function()" case. Feature Request AutoIt
#1237 IniRead always return strings Bug AutoIt
#1238 _FTP_FilePut broken Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1241 Invalid MsgBox flag cause exit without warning Bug AutoIt
#1242 GDIPlus Encoder stuff doesn't work. Bug AutoIt
#1243 Request @FuncName Feature Request AutoIt
#1245 Last version supporting winnt 4.0 Feature Request AutoIt
#1248 _GUICtrlEdit_AppendText fails on certain control IDs. Very odd... Valik Bug AutoIt
#1249 Beta documentation errors Bug AutoIt
#1251 Random Generator Returns 0 Bug AutoIt
#1253 command run("c:\windows\system\soundrecorder.exe) can't launch soundrecorder under WIN7 64bit Bug AutoIt
#1254 _WeekNumberISO and GUICtrlCreateMonthCal return different weeknumbers for same day Bug AutoIt
#1257 Fix bugs in Static array handling trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1258 TreeView + ContextMenu versus Own window Titlebar. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1261 IsHWnd() returns TRUE for some values Bug AutoIt
#1263 Request: Delete a Line from a File (FileDeleteLine) Feature Request AutoIt
#1264 WARNING: $Label10 possibly not declared/created yet Bug AutoIt
#1266 Compile not found in context menu of 64bit windows Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#1267 Regular expression - Specify line endings default code to CRLF instead of LF Feature Request AutoIt
#1269 One some laptops OnEvent mode misses some events. Bug AutoIt
#1270 GUISetIcon (@ScriptName) sets the 48x48 icon to the GUI Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1271 History added to Func notes directly Feature Request AutoIt
#1272 Uninstall, beta, file WinAPIError.au3 still standing. Valik Bug AutoIt
#1274 Increase Datatype Ranges Feature Request AutoIt
#1275 GUICtrlSetTip - after tip times out it does not show again Bug AutoIt
#1276 _TicksToTime() displayed seconds increment at wrong time Valik Bug AutoIt
#1281 ControlClick() Bug AutoIt
#1282 WinMove results in unespected resizing behavior of controls Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1285 Unexpected result when using BitShift Valik Bug AutoIt
#1286 FileGetShortName does not expand . or .. directories Bug AutoIt
#1288 DLLStructSetData behavior with binary variant data Valik Bug AutoIt
#1289 Port to Mac Feature Request AutoIt
#1292 _IETagNameGetCollection Bug AutoIt
#1293 odd value returned when assigning "default" to Scripting.Dictionary Bug AutoIt
#1294 WinGetTitle freezes script when reading the title of a suspended/hanged process Jon Bug AutoIt
#1295 Crashed with fileread and filewrite on windows 7 X64 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1298 Poor Behavious of UBound Function Feature Request AutoIt
#1300 DllCall() unloads the loaded module Valik Bug AutoIt
#1301 Bug InetGetSize through a proxy Bug AutoIt
#1302 InetGet - Multiple Feature Request AutoIt
#1305 GUISetFont, GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem, korean language combination bug Bug AutoIt
#1308 Execute to assign variable Feature Request AutoIt
#1309 BitShift() as Unsigned Integer by Default Feature Request AutoIt
#1310 TCPConnect Timeout Feature Request Future Release AutoIt
#1311 MouseGetCursor() - identify also standard hand cursor (IDC_HAND) Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1316 SleepUntilTime($hour, $min, $sec) and RunOnTime($hour, $min, $sec, "UserFunction") Feature Request AutoIt
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