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#1337 Custom context (popup) menus not working on non-compiled script Bug AutoIt
#2135 DB reading bug in SQLite UDF Bug AutoIt Other
#873 DLLCall crashes when characters \\.\ in parameters Bug AutoIt
#3860 Declared var not detected Bug Standard UDFs
#1613 Default (keyword), Auto conversion. Bug AutoIt
#2601 Deprecated Dim usage in UDF - BUG ?? Bug Standard UDFs
#2434 Different behaviour between "=" and "==" Bug AutoIt
#2435 Different behaviour between "=" and "==" Bug AutoIt
#403 Different results for both for loops Bug AutoIt
#2825 Dir Functions inconsistent behaviour with VolumeName as source Bug AutoIt
#1999 DirCopy and DirMove have some bugs Bug AutoIt
#1796 DirCopy does not copy readonly directories unless the flag is set to overwrite Bug AutoIt
#1072 DirCreate Bug AutoIt
#1678 DirCreate() can return 1 (success) without creating any directory Bug AutoIt
#1543 DirMove behaviour Bug AutoIt
#313 DirMove on same volume Bug AutoIt
#2190 DirMove. (false success) Bug AutoIt
#96 Display problems with 2 embedded WebBrowser objects in GUI Bug AutoIt
#470 Displaying '&' symbol in TraySetToolTip() Bug AutoIt
#2035 DllCall() - undocumented datatype "bool" Bug Documentation
#862 DllStructCreate DllStructSetData Bug AutoIt
#3048 DllStructCreate strange bug Bug AutoIt
#2198 DllStructGetData causes crash Bug AutoIt
#2085 DllStructGetData crash with char array Bug AutoIt
#806 DllStructGetData fails in compiled script with a name longer than 12/13 characters Bug Aut2Exe
#3625 DllStructGetData() does not retrieve whole string containing null characters from array of WCHARs/CHARs Bug AutoIt
#2093 DllStructGetSize reports wrong size Bug AutoIt
#1467 DllStructSetData not support UTF8 Bug AutoIt
#2161 DllStructs Corrupted When Returned In Array. Bug AutoIt
#3930 DllStructs created in one scope gets dropped if chained with a function that returns a re-structured-by-pointer version of it Bug AutoIt
#3263 DocSaveAs does not output HTML file properly Bug AutoIt
#597 Documentation @TempDir needs updating Bug Documentation
#805 Don't really know what command is causing the problem Bug AutoIt
#3126 Drag&Drop not working on Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#395 DriveGetDrive and @ScriptDir under windows Vista run as administrator Bug AutoIt
#1064 DriveGetSerial ( "path" ) Bug AutoIt
#630 DriveMapAdd doesn't work on Vista With Use of #RequireAdmin. Bug AutoIt
#2064 DriveStatus returns INVALID on existing path (by Volume Name) Bug AutoIt
#283 Duplicated Windows Messages Bug Documentation Other
#2288 Duplicated _WinAPI_OpenProcess Bug Standard UDFs
#2510 Empty variable Bug AutoIt
#2956 EndFunc not required in the last function of the script Bug AutoIt
#2553 Enum unwillingly&erroneously declares/treats variables as Const Bug AutoIt
#791 EnvGet returns wrong value for PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE AMD4 Bug AutoIt
#1188 EnvGet("CD"), EnvGet("TIME"), EnvGet("RANDOM") display blank Bug AutoIt
#778 EnvGet("PROCCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE") reports x86 on 64 bit OS Bug AutoIt
#154 Error : Can not redeclare a constant Bug AutoIt
#364 Error at runtime caused by obfuscator Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1443 Error in ExcelCom_udf (Excelbookopen) Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1544 Error in Help file - VarGetType Bug Documentation
#421 Error in reading status of Radio Button Bug AutoIt
#3591 Error in the RegExp Bug AutoIt
#2330 Error occurs when using some object properties with AutoIt Bug AutoIt
#3532 Error on WinAPIShellEx Constants Bug AutoIt
#1835 Error opening file for writing during install Bug AutoIt
#2888 Error return code _WinAPI_DuplicateHandle Bug Standard UDFs
#1729 Example code for _FTP_ProgressUpload / Download is not properly formatted (no code box). Bug Documentation
#2873 Experimental functionalities and plans for the future. Feature Request AutoIt
#226 Explorer freezes momentarily when using Windows Shortcut keys while AutoIt scripts are running Bug AutoIt
#3070 F1 not opening AutoIt help Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2021 FF.au3 Feature Request Other
#3043 FOR..IN..NEXT loop completes before processing all Outlook maillitems Bug AutoIt
#2999 FTP read fails because of exe file name and the path location Bug AutoIt
#1174 Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function Bug AutoIt
#2019 File functions: Three help file issues and one bug Bug AutoIt
#936 File version Feature Request Aut2Exe
#1761 File version compare bug Bug AutoIt
#3566 FileChangeDir is changing @TempDir Bug AutoIt
#2723 FileConstants.au3 and FileSelectFolder.txt Feature Request Documentation
#559 FileCopy does not work when there is a file exist with the same name of the "dest dir" Bug AutoIt
#3152 FileCopy doesn't cope well with copying files with embedded spaces in their name to UNC destinations Jon Bug AutoIt
#170 FileCopy unable to copy new files when source files number excess 10k Bug AutoIt
#1764 FileCreateShortcut - cuts target to 8.3 style Bug AutoIt
#314 FileCreateShortcut cannot create for non-existing Universal Naming Path Jon Bug AutoIt
#1171 FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file Bug AutoIt
#3544 FileExists() bug with number 1 Bug AutoIt Other
#1563 FileExists() returns false in error when x86-compiled script runs on x64 Win 7 Bug AutoIt
#1567 FileExists() returns false in error when x86-compiled script runs on x64 Win 7 Bug AutoIt
#1605 FileExists/FileCopy can't handle spaces in file names Bug AutoIt
#651 FileFindFirstFile FileFindNextFile _FileListToArray not support mulit-byte folder name Bug AutoIt
#781 FileGetAttrib fails to recognize (D)irectories Bug AutoIt
#2414 FileGetPos - Return Value - not complete list of @error conditions Bug Documentation
#1286 FileGetShortName does not expand . or .. directories Bug AutoIt
#1374 FileGetShortName returns wrong result on Win7 Bug AutoIt
#3139 FileGetTime out by exactly one hour. Bug AutoIt
#3522 FileGetVersion Bug AutoIt
#933 FileGetVersion() generates error when File Version attribute values contain leading 0 Bug AutoIt
#3217 FileInstall() memory leak Bug AutoIt
#695 FileMove returns an error code of 0 for failure AND for success Bug AutoIt
#2904 FileOpen does NOT return an error when path is invalid. Bug AutoIt
#2399 FileOpenDialog - Function constructor - bug ? Bug Documentation
#3856 FileOpenDialog passing unseen information Bug AutoIt
#149 FileRead does not return EOF but does return @Error =0, an undocumented state Bug AutoIt
#3279 FileReadToArray() documentation missing important detail Bug Documentation
#2722 FileSelectFolder - XP Only - BUG Bug Documentation
#2353 FileSelectFolder doesn't refresh after creating new folder with individual name Bug AutoIt
#1003 FileSelectFolder: flag doesn't work as documented Bug AutoIt Other
#2136 FileSetAttrib adds Archive attribute when System or Hidden attribs are set Bug AutoIt
#3016 FileSetPos() not used in FileSetPos() example Bug Documentation
#1611 FileSetTime error on "linux" NAS Feature Request AutoIt
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