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DHCP Renew and Release question.

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Im looking for a script that can

1. send a "FAKE (the server would have a static ip)" DHCP request broadcast

2. then send a release.

The reason i would want to do this would be to see if there are adresses availeble. The DHCP servers could be my own as well as OTHER ISP providers,,,

Is it possible to make a fake request and then pic it up in autoIT?

Anyone have any idea how to approch that?

//Regards Lasse


it could also be dangerus if some one fake the MAC addresses and pick up every availeble addresses in the scope..

maybe its a stupid approtch

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There's a good chance you'll get the same ip "depending on the dhcp server" but you'll also effectively reduce the ip pool by one for the duration of lease time (if not longer) even if you don't use it.

Looking at the DHCP process as explained on the wikipedia article it may be possible to send a discovery request and listen for a DHCP offer but not continue the process (request, retrieve ack), but I don't know how to script it myself.

If you come up with something i'd be interested in seeing it.

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Don't know if this is what you were looking for, but thought I would post and see if you can use it.


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A few years back I needed to get a new IP for some reason.

The only way which worked (with my ISP at least) was to change/spoof my NIC

MAC address with (smac I think it was), leave my modem off for a few hours (or until lease expired) and reconnect.

It never worked first time, but it did the second.

probably does not help you though.

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thx for the replys, think i found something interesting in this threed

just have to figure out all the right values in the broadcasts..

it working good for me to see request and server reply, just need to figure out the hole communication between server and client.

//Thx all

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