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delete / replace multiple lines between two keywords

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Hi all,

I have a TXT-File with the content

file start







file stop

now I want to replace the content between xbeginx and xendx to make the TXT-File looks like




my code doesnt work :( it seems it doesnt work on multiple lines....

$sFile = "source.txt"
$sText = FileRead($sFile,FileGetSize($sFile))

$aFound = _StringBetween($sText,"[xbeginx]","[xendx]")

$sText = StringReplace($sText, "$aFound", "clean")

$sFileNew = "result.txt"

can you help me?


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You can access the data in $aFound[0]. :)

I think what you might want to do is parse the file for [xbeginx] then crop the lines between the end tag.

I'll write it using _FileReadToArray()


I'm going to abort my example, I've having trouble being sure if I'm writing what you want and others might be more on track with what you want done.

I can finish it up after you get back to us if you still need help.

Edited by Xandy

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$sText = StringReplace($sText, "$aFound", "clean")

$sText = StringReplace($sText, $aFound[0], "clean").

Don't quote the variable otherwise it is passed as a string. Simultaneously as Xandy said the return of _stringbetween is an array therefore $aFound[0] would be the first match.

Regards :)

Edited by PhoenixXL

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This will work pressuming the opening square bracket is not included in the text you wish to replace. I have solved this before, but I forget how. It will come to me again, no doubt. Here's the code as it stands.

Local $sText = "[xbeginx]some text between[xendx] outside" & @CRLF & _
"[xbeginx]more text[xendx] more stuff"

Local $sStart = "(\[xbeginx\])"
Local $sEnd = "(\[xendx\])"
Local $sReplace = "clean"

$sText = StringRegExpReplace($sText, "(?i)" & $sStart & "([^\[]*)" & $sEnd , "$1" & $sReplace & "$3")

MsgBox(0, "", $sText)

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Why not use turn that text file into an Ini file? You're pretty much 75% there, unless it's not your config file.

UDF List:

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Updated: 22/04/2018

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