How to make a newline in Word with COM

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Hi all (Especially @water)

I wonder how to do this task in word from autoit.

Assume that i pasted some text into word with this code.

Local $oWord = ObjGet("","Word.Application")
Local $wRangeObj = _Word_DocRangeSet($oWord, 0)

Local $data = ClipGet()                                     
$wRangeObj.Text = $data

$wRangeObj.Font.Bold = True

So far so good. Now, i need to enter a new line in word and turn the Font.Bold = False.  

Currently, i did it with activating the word window and Send() function. But i would like to do it with the help of COM object. How can i do that ? 

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PrintList ----- prints arrays into console for testing.

 Alert  ------ An alternative for MsgBox 

 MousePosition ------- A simple tooltip display of mouse position

GRM Helper -------- A littile tool to help writing code with GUIRegisterMsg function

Access_UDF  -------- An UDF for working with access database files. (.*accdb only)


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      test.au3 (53) : ==> COM Error intercepted ! err.number is: 0x80020006 err.windescription: Unknown name. err.description is: err.source is: err.helpfile is: err.helpcontext is: err.lastdllerror is: 0 err.scriptline is: 53 err.retcode is: 0x00000000 Line 53 is
      If Not $bForceNew Then $oAppl = ObjGet("", "Word.Application") as I mentioned above.
      When I force a new instance of Word, no error occurs eg
      #include <Word.au3> main() func main() local $oErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ErrFunc") $oWord = _Word_Create(True,True) $oDoc = _Word_DocOpen($oWord, @ScriptDir & "\Dear.docx", False, Default, True) $myrange = $oDoc.Range $myrange.Select sleep(3000) _Word_DocClose($oDoc) _Word_Quit($oWord) endfunc So it seems that if I want to open up  existing Word instance (use _Word_Create() ) I will have to create my own _Word_Open to bypass this problem.
      (If Word is already open the problem will not occur)