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need help to create a tool for the blind users

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hello sirs, i've created a tool to the blind users, this tool helps the blind to listen to a audio effect when moving between the GUIs controls on they computers
where this tool can get the class for the current focus control and play a sound from a folder
i've added all the knowne classes, but i found some problems i hope any one can help me.

this is the code that i created

#include <WinAPISys.au3>
Global $h_CurrentHWNDFocus = "", $h_CurrentControlHWNDFocus = ""
AdlibRegister("WindowAudioFocus", 50)
Func WindowAudioFocus()
    Local $h_NewHWNDFocus = WinGetHandle("[active]", "")
    Local $h_NewControlHWNDFocus = ControlGetFocus($h_NewHWNDFocus, "")
    If ($h_NewHWNDFocus = $h_CurrentHWNDFocus) And ($h_NewControlHWNDFocus = $h_CurrentControlHWNDFocus) Then Return 0
    If Not ($h_NewHWNDFocus = $h_CurrentHWNDFocus) Then
        SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\WindowChanged.wav")
        Switch _WinAPI_GetClassName(ControlGetHandle($h_NewHWNDFocus, "", $h_NewControlHWNDFocus))
            Case "Button", "Start", "TrayButton", "TrayShowDesktopButtonWClass", "sbutton", "CirrussButton", "ODbcButton", "ThunderRTCommandButton", "ThunderSSOption", "ThunderSSCommand", "ThunderCommandButton", "ThunderRT6CommandButton", "ThunderRT5CommandButton", "TButton", "TBitBtn", "TAdvGlowButton", "ButtonWndClass", "afx:0:376:baa946", "_AOL_Button"
                If _IsCheckBox(ControlGetHandle($h_NewHWNDFocus, "", $h_NewControlHWNDFocus)) Then
                    SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\checkBox.wav")
                ElseIf _IsRadio(ControlGetHandle($h_NewHWNDFocus, "", $h_NewControlHWNDFocus)) Then
                    SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\radio.wav")
                    SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\button.wav")
            Case "ComboBox", "ComboBoxEx32", "MSOBALLOONREComboBox20W", "REComboBox20W", "ThunderComboBox", "ThunderDriveListBox", "ThunderRT6ComboBox", "TORComboEdit", "TCombobox", "TComboBoxEx", "TORComboBox", "TColorBox", "TNFComboBox", "Internet Explorer_TridentCmbobx", "ComboWndClass", "_AOL_ComboBox", "ThunderRT5ComboBox", "ComboLBox"
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\list.wav")
            Case "Edit", "SearchBox", "TChatRichEdit", "_WwN", "_WwO", "RichEdit20A", "RichEdit20WPT", "RICHEDIT60W", "OKttbx", "RichEditA", "ThunderTextBox", "ThunderRT6TextBox", "ThunderRT5TextBox", "TEdit", "TRichEdit", "TRichEditViewer", "TMemo", "TInplaceEditList", "TLabeledEdit", "TMaskEdit", "TDateTimePicker", "TRichEdit", "TCaptionMemo", "TAddictRichEdit", "TCaptionEdit", "RichTextWndClass", "TextWndClass", "PasswordWndClass", "TextAreaWndClass", "MSWorksDoc", "_AOL_Edit", "SysDateTimePick32"
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\edit.wav")
            Case "ListBox", "ComboLBox", "REListBox20W", "SUPERGRID", "OUTEXVLB", "WMSUIVLB", "SchdmapiVLB", "VLBClass", "ThunderDirListBox", "ThunderFileListBox", "ThunderListBox", "ThunderRT6ListBox", "ThunderRT5ListBox", "TListbox", "TValueListEditor", "TORCalendar", "TColorListBox", "TCheckListBox", "Internet Explorer_TridentLstBox", "ListBoxWndClass", "ListWndClass", "hh_kwd_vlist", "afx:8:376:0:946", "_AOL_ListBox", "_AOL_Tree", ""
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\List.wav")
            Case "SysListView32", "OpenListView", "wuDuiListView", "ListView20WndClass", "TcxGridSite", "TListView", "TSystemListView", "ListViewWndClass", ""
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\ListView.wav")
            Case "SysTreeView32", "SearchTreeList", "FeatureTree", "TreeView20WndClass", "TSystemTreeView", "TTreeView", ""
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\TreeView.wav")
            Case Else
                SoundPlay(@ScriptDir & "\focus_Audio\focus.wav")
    $h_CurrentHWNDFocus = $h_NewHWNDFocus
    $h_CurrentControlHWNDFocus = $h_NewControlHWNDFocus
    AdlibRegister("WindowAudioFocus", 50)
    Return 1
EndFunc   ;==>WindowAudioFocus
Func _IsCheckBox($ctrl_hwnd)
    $Style = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong($ctrl_hwnd, $GWL_STYLE)
    Return BitAND($Style, $BS_CHECKBOX) = $BS_CHECKBOX
EndFunc   ;==>_IsCheckBox
    Func _IsRadio($ctrl_hwnd)
    $Style = _WinAPI_GetWindowLong($ctrl_hwnd, $GWL_STYLE)
EndFunc   ;==>_IsRadio

what i need from you is :
play a sound when a menu item focus, that sound named menu.wav
play a sound named items.wav when the users move on list box items or list view or treeview items or a combobox items
please if can any one help me i'll very happy
thanks on advance

Edited by nacerbaaziz
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May I make a simple suggestion:

When building stuff like this, start small and only use a few classes. Get that working, Then add a class, test again. Once you get that test to pass, save that copy of the script then repeat the cycle. This way when something goes wrong, you have a MUCH simpler time trying to figure out what is broke. Right now you have a large script and I have no idea what the problem is or what is not working.

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sir, i haven't any problem, i wanna add a futures and i asked for the help. what i need is to get the menu item focus to play a sound, and get list items and comboboxes item focus and  play a sound when navigating.

if any one can help me i'll very happy

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For the various Focus/Hover events on those controls, you may take a look at WM_COMMAND and WM_NOTIFY handlers.

These two handlers "capture" messages sent from or to the various controls in a GUI (click, double click, drag, and so on), and you can use them to make some fun things.

For example, there is a Notification Code (so are called) that is sent by a ListView when you hover on an item, which is called $LVN_HOTTRACK.

You could use it to do what you need.

There are plenty samples on the Forums; just take a look at and play with them :)

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hello again

i search allot and at the end i found the WM_menuSelect

when i tried it in a internal  GUI it worked

but i did not know how to use it with the External Windows

here is the code that i tried

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
    $menuGUI = GUICreate("menu")
$menuFile = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&file")
$menuOpen = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("&Open", $menuFile)
$menuGo = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("&get", $menuFile)
While 1
Switch GUIGetMSG()
case "-3", 3
Func WM_MENUSELECT($hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam)
#forceref $hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam
EndFunc   ;==>WM_COMMAND

i hope that any one can help me to do that

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hello sir @Nine , i find this, but i couldn't know how to use it to get the menu focus or  the listView items when changed.
that what i can't do.
am sure that it posible because the screen readers do that.
i hope you can help me, because i will add a new wey for the blind to navigate their computers.
i am making a tool that add a shortCut keys to move Between the different classes, also it play a sount to each different control

#include <WinAPISysWin.au3>
    HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Close") ; Set ESC as a hotkey to exit the script.
    Global $g_tStruct = DllStructCreate($tagPOINT) ; Create a structure that defines the point to be checked.
    Func Example()
    Local $hWnd
        While 1
        Position() ; Update the X and Y elements with the X and Y co-ordinates of the mouse.
        $hWnd = _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint($g_tStruct) ; Retrieve the window handle.
        ToolTip($hWnd) ; Set the tooltip with the handle under the mouse pointer.
EndFunc   ;==>Example
    Func Position()
    DllStructSetData($g_tStruct, "x", MouseGetPos(0))
    DllStructSetData($g_tStruct, "y", MouseGetPos(1))
EndFunc   ;==>Position
Func Close()
EndFunc   ;==>Close

i hope that you can help me

Edited by nacerbaaziz
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1 hour ago, Nine said:

After you get the $hWnd you can use any other function like _WinAPI_GetClassName

i got the class and all controls worked fine

but the problem with the menus and the lists items i couldn't get the focus on them 


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