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HandleImgSearch (Image Search with ImageSearchDLL embedded)

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Today, I will share my work with image search in inactive windows (windows that run in the background) with tolerances (variations).

After a long time of searching and using image search UDF on the internet. I combined all of that with my experienced and created a UDF name HandleImgSearch.

I have embedded the .dll file in this script so it doesn't need any external files, just include it and run. However, this UDF have a feature that will make it run slower is $MaxImg variable, this variable will allow you to return multiple positions of a finding image.

Some highlights:

  • Very fast with imagesearchdll embedded, no external files required.
  • Tolerances and Max Images are supported.
  • Optimized.
  • Use with handle or full screen easily.
  • Included global functions, so you can run multiple functions in one capture.
  • Examples used for testing included.


  • Image use for searching should be a "24-bit Bitmap" format.
  • I included $IsUser32 variable in some places like _GlobalImgInit, _HandleCapture. This variable allowed you to use DllCall with "PrintWindow" parameter instead of _WinAPI_BitBlt with $SRCCOPY. $IsUser32 = True is useful for window explorer handle, $IsUser32 = False is useful for the emulator handle (NoxPlayer handle example included).
  • If hwnd parameter equal "", it will use hold screen instead.


  • Global Functions: Run multiple functions with one capture.
    • _GlobalImgInit: Initialization variables.
    • _GlobalImgCapture: Capture the handle.
    • _GlobalGetBitmap: Get captured bitmap handle.
    • _GlobalImgSearch: This is the main function of this UDF.
    • _GlobalGetPixel: Get pixel color in captured image.
    • _GlobalPixelCompare: Compare pixel color with captured image pixel color.
  • Handle Functions: Capture every time.
    • _HandleImgSearch: This is the main function of this UDF. Search for images in the handle of the window with the tolerance and maximum image options.
    • _BmpImgSearch: Search picture in picture instead of handle.
    • _HandleGetPixel: Get pixel in handle image.
    • _HandlePixelCompare: Compare color with pixel color of handle image.
    • _HandleCapture: Capture handle screen.

Source code: https://github.com/ltnhanst94/HandleImgSearch

Thanks to:

  • ImageSearchDLL (Author: kangkeng 2008)
  • MemoryCall (Author: Joachim Bauch)
  • BinaryCall (Author: Ward)

GAMERS - Asking for help with ANY kind of game automation is against the forum rules. DON'T DO IT.



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Posted (edited)

Sorry for bother

does any English ver. detail for function Description, Parameters and Return values (fully English ver.)

btw, _HandleImgSearch and _HandleImgWaitExist can search multiple img at same time (as A.png|B.png ... etc.)

thanks for au3 development, it's useful to me

thanks again !!


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On 10/4/2020 at 9:45 AM, jimmy123j said:

does any English ver. detail for function Description, Parameters and Return values (fully English ver.)

I have no English version now. Sorry about that. I will add it later when I have free time and update on this thread.

Some default parameters (You can ask me here if you have another thing make you confused):

  • $hwnd: Handle of window you want to find in. If $Handle = "" then it will find images in your current screen.
  • $bmpLocal: Path of local image you want to find.
  • $x, $y, $iWidth, $iHeight: Area of $hwnd image you want to find in. Default values is full image.
  • $MaxImg: Max number of images you want to find (or return).
  • $Tolerance: (0 - 100) This is the variation of color you want to find. This parameter is helpfull when you want to share your app with your friend who use other devices.

Some default return values:

  • $aCords[0][0]: Total number of positions found.
  • $aCords[$i][0]: X coordinate of position $i.
  • $aCords[$i][1]: Y cooridinate of position $i.
  • $aCords[$i][2]: Bitmap width of position $i.
  • $aCords[$i][3]: Bitmap height of position $i.

The width and height of the bitmap are the same as your finding image.

On 10/4/2020 at 9:45 AM, jimmy123j said:

btw, _HandleImgSearch and _HandleImgWaitExist can search multiple img at same time (as A.png|B.png ... etc.)

No, it's now not support this. You can use this by add this a function like:

;~ I have not tested this code yet, but you can use something like this
Func _HandleMultiImgSearch($hwnd, $ImgsPath, $x = 0, $y = 0, $iWidth = -1, $iHeight = -1, $Tolerance = 15, $MaxImg = 1000)
    Local ImgsPathArray = StringSplit($ImgsPath, "|", 2) ;$ImgsPath = 'Path1|Path2|...|PathN'
    Local $Results
    For ImgPath in ImgsPathArray
        $Results = _ArrayAdd($Result, _HandleImgSearch($hwnd, $ImgPath, $x, $y, $iWidth, $iHeight, $Tolerance, $MaxImg))
    Return $Results

;~ Using this func
Local $ImgsPath = 'a.png|b.png|c.png'
Local $Results = _HandleMultiImgSearch($hwnd, $ImgsPath)
ConsoleWrite("> Total of finding images: " & Ubound($Results))
Local $count = 0
For $Coords in $Results
    ;~ An array of positions of each image
    $count += 1
    ConsoleWrite(">> Total of position found of image " & $count & " found: " & Ubound($Coords[0][0]))


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