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How can I create a submenu as seen in the image?

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Hello everyone, can someone show me what steps I can follow to create a vertical menu of an installed third-party application, as seen in the image, so that when it is run, that box appears with the program shortcuts. (I don't have a code to show).

the executable locates the accesses and creates one on the desktop that, when executed, shows you the ribbon of installed office applications. (you can run the .exe file, but it will only show you if you have office installed x64bits)
I am interested in the way he did it, it could be customized to one's taste. I hope I can make it.

office shorcut.jpg


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Looks like a context menu control.  Not sure how to get the left side graphic, but you look at the _GUICtrlMenu_CreatePopup function to get started.

Also, search for ContextMenu on the forum for more sophisticated examples (images and such).

Let us know where you get stuck.

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To add icon beside each menu item, use _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemBmp.  If you need to convert Icon to Bmp, you can use _WinAPI_Create32BitHBITMAP.

Now, if you want to add a vertical bar before the icons or change color, you will need use Owner-Draw mechanism which is not trivial.  But I recall seeing a very old UDF to register WM_DRAWITEM and WM_MEASUREITEM notifications.  It should get you started, although I cannot say if it is still working on recent OS.

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