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script to turn off/disable specific monitors on a multi-monitor system


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relative information: i have two systems that share a monitor. one system is a laptop for work that i must log in and out of, the other is my personal  system that has a power save mode turning the monitors off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

the problem: work laptop, when logged out, has login screen that outputs to all connected monitors all the time (no power save mode for this screen).

desired fix: i already have log-in and log-out scripts, so i'd like to add a script to the logout to disable the external monitors and a script for log-in to enable the external monitors (and adjust their relative position/placement). i've attached an image to show the configuration of the screens in their enabled state. screen 1 is the laptop and screen 2 & 3 are what i need to disable.

i have found around half a dozen forum articles that are about a decade old. most, if not all, suggest actively running scripts to keep the monitors off. i believe this to mean their effect would be lost once the laptop is logged out of as the script would end with the session.


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If you turn off extended displays (using Winkey+P for example), and back on, does it remember your last layout correctly?

If so, perhaps simply calling displayswitch.exe from your logon and logout scripts will do the job?


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