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soundrecorder won't launch with "Run"

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Hi All,

Please forgive me if this has been answered somewhere else, but I haven't been able to find it.

Under Windows7, .x86 or .x64, on a Lenovo 410 laptop, the following line fails:

$iPID = Run ("c:\windows\system32\soundrecorder.exe")

with $iPID = 0

but the following lines work just fine:

$iPID = Run ("c:\windows\system32\notepad.exe")


$iPID = Run ("c:\windows\system32\sndvol.exe")

soundrecorder.exe is clearly present in c:\windows\system32. Also running soundrecorder from the windows command line works fine, too as does double-clicking "soundrecorder.exe" in c:\windows\system32.

I see that there once was a bug report with exactly this problem (https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/1253), but it was closed as "no bug" with no other explanation that I've been able to find. Lots of folks seem to be able to use Run with soundrecorder, so it's clearly not a known limitation.

Any clue? Am I missing something really, really obvious? It feels like it, but I'm out of possibilities...

Many thanks and happy New Year,


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Moved to General Help and Support. Please take notice of where you post in the future, the Developer forum clearly states:


Do not create AutoIt-related topics here, use the AutoIt General Help and Support


√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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At first i got $iPID = 0

Then I added #RequireAdmin and it gave me an error, because i don't have it installed.


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Renamer - Rename files and folders, remove portions of text from the filename etc.

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IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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My apologies for posting in the wrong place.

I have admin rights on the account I'm using. Adding #RequireAdmin didn't change anything in my case...

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Thanks for checking. That identical code fails on my machine. Must be a setting somewhere...

Anything else with the code? #include files, etc?

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Hah - that worked. Clearly double-clicking on the script was running the .86 version of AutoIt3.

Thank you!!!

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