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An executable made and compiled in AutoIti, copied to a pen drive that ibecomes plug and run?

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Let me get it straight...

I've been having such a great experience with AutoIt, it helped me a lot at my work. And now, I gotta make some configurations in the BIOS of many computers at my work. So, I'd like to know,  is it possible to use AutoIt (or some programming language) to write an algorithm that when compiled and transefered to a pen drive, it's "plug and run"? 

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Yes, any AutoIt program *could* be run from a pen drive. Just make sure to test it on a computer before using it all over!

If your work allows it, you could even edit the autorun.inf file to auto-magically run the program when it's inserted. (Please note: there are security risks with autorun.inf, as the wiki article states. But, if it's allowed, why not use it for good? ;) Maybe even disable the autorun feature with your program.)

All my code provided is Public Domain... but it may not work. ;) Use it, change it, break it, whatever you want.


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It is incredibly likely that Auto run will be blocked.  I'm pretty sure since XP SP2 autorun is not executed without user interaction (with exception of perhaps optical disc drives or emulated optical disc drives - Google U3).  

Is a network deployment solution not an option?  Certainly more ideal than walking around to a bunch of machines and touching each one - even if it's plugging in a drive and not touching the keyboard.


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Thank you guys!! I've been trying some codes and learning more about [autorun], as soon as I need, I will come with some questions or maybe some other thanks! 

@spudw2k Well, I actually don't know if and how it could be done. At there I use Configuration Manager from the System Center family, by Microsoft. Do you know some solution that works with a network deployment? And anyway, I need to go though computer to computers to make some configurations... Actually I also use some pen drives with some .exe archives that I created using autoit.

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You could have a small script running in the background on each computer that checks if a USB key or Pen drive is being inserted.  If so, if there is a special file in there (e.g. autoit.bat), it would be run immediately with a warning message before hand, so the users do are aware they will be executing some program... 

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@Fernandin I'm a bit confused. If you are using SCCM, why go to the trouble of pen drives rather than deploying your script as a package? Did I miss something?

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