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Help! PixelSearch start from Middle screen?

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I'm really new to autoit and writing scripts in general
What I'm trying to do
Create a simple script that would click the closet pixel from the middle outwards;

Instead of pixel search top left to bottom right
I need to find a way to
click a pixel closest to the middle of the search box area, starting from the middle of the box and searching pixels outwards imagine an outwards spiral circle search pattern if you will.

;here is my script
$color = (colorhere)
   $pix = PixelSearch(11, 36, 1399, 954, $Color,5)
   if not (@error) then  
      MouseClick("left", $pix[0], $pix[1],1,1)

If you can help thanks in advanced I've hit a wall and am stuck.

Below I've drawn a simple diagram and would like the pixelsearch to click the boxes prioritizing numbers 1-10 in that order where 1 would always come first because it's closer to the center.


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make the start coordinate half of the total width.

You can make a somewhat complex function that searches in a spiral, but you have to figure out the maths to make it search like that


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Thanks for the quick reply @careca
This is how I  interoperate what you said half the search area,
while this would be a good idea and a step in the right direction the other points outside of the half'd search area would be missing and pixel search would still prioritize top left over closer points towards the middle,
I'm trying to comprehend a way to make this possible.
Even leaning towards paying some body for help if this is allowed on this forum.





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The approach I would use would be to take a screenshot of the screen and move the pixels to a 2D array.  After that you could use the proper algorithm to search into specific area of the screen.  Out of curiosity, what is the application you are trying to automate ?

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