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#2992 Int, Dec, Number return incorrect results when used with binary and string data Bug AutoIt
#3971 Integer not handled properly when calling object method Bug AutoIt
#2662 Internet Window unable to be hidden Bug AutoIt
#3225 Interrupt function not work when working with GUICtrlRichEdit Bug AutoIt
#1990 Is this a false positive? Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1136 IsArray sets @extended=0 Bug AutoIt
#2763 IsDeclared - Return Value BUG Bug AutoIt
#2926 IsFunc() documentation examples Bug Documentation
#1252 Issue in help file example code for "_MouseTrap()" Bug Documentation
#1415 Issue with IE & HWnd($o_object.HWnd()) ERROR Bug AutoIt
#2277 Issues with Long-term Automation Bug AutoIt
#2424 Keywords.html is mostly empty. Bug Documentation
#478 Koda (FormDesigner) Bug Other
#215 Koda: Multimon: If secondary monitor is left of primary monitor, "Generate Code" Code window appears on right edge of primary window Bug Other
#87 Label disappears when clicking on a button Bug AutoIt
#243 ListView control on Tab and WM_NOTIFY Event error + reproduction. Bug AutoIt
#3125 ListView does not generate events when pressing Return Bug AutoIt
#662 ListView setting $LVS_EX_FLATSB flattens header only instead of scrollbars Bug AutoIt
#965 ListViewItem not responding to SetOnEvent Bug AutoIt
#680 Listview and image background problem Jon Bug AutoIt
#670 Listviews with checkboxes doesn't work "properly" my opinion Bug AutoIt
#794 Listviews with checkboxes doesn't work "properly" my opinion Bug AutoIt
#907 Local and Global varaibleas has no different Bug AutoIt
#824 Long line don't work Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2273 Long strings are cropped at hypen or whitespace in edit controls Bug AutoIt
#2104 Lost the Titles on all my open folders after a lot of shell/resize testing. PDF's hard to control by name. Bug AutoIt
#678 MAX_LINESIZE confine arrays Bug AutoIt
#72 MFC ActiveX Control doesn't work w/ AutoIt Bug AutoIt
#857 MSGBOX not working properly Bug AutoIt
#1809 Made an Error in script -> GUICtrlCreateButton $SS_RIGHT Create CheckBox Bug AutoIt
#715 Math error Bug AutoIt
#1008 Math function mod( ) result display bug Bug AutoIt
#2334 Maximum _useful_ array dimension is 24, not 64 as doc says Bug Documentation
#3881 Missing Extras\WM_NOTIFY.au3 file Bug AutoIt
#2159 Mistake in "Running under Windows 64-bit Edition" Bug Documentation
#911 MouseClickDrag speed patameter changes results Bug AutoIt
#2632 MouseDown dose not delay even i set MouseClickDownDelay to 2000 milliseconds Jon Bug AutoItX
#2254 MsgBox does not work with Windows Embedded 2010 64 bit with 64 bit runtime Bug AutoIt
#2846 Multiline statements error Bug AutoIt
#1534 Multiple GUI windows management issue Bug AutoIt
#1548 Multiple listviews in one GUI behave strangely Bug AutoIt
#3121 NOT RESPONDING + SEARCH Brought me to you Bug AutoIt
#2974 Named backreferences in replacement text (StringRegExpReplace) Bug AutoIt
#2747 Nested ternary operator returns incorrect results Bug AutoIt
#1208 No colored flat Button possible Bug AutoIt
#2403 Non-existant Function in The Heplfile Bug Documentation
#3198 Not Able to Open auto IT script giving error unable to open the script Bug AutoIt
#1564 Not able to get text using controlistview("","","","gettext",$index) for 64 bit machine Jpm Bug AutoIt
#691 Not equal <> condition with OR gives wrong result Bug AutoIt
#914 Not get string from file (length ~ 1024) Bug AutoIt
#913 Not get string from file (length ~1024) Bug AutoIt
#915 Not get string from sile Bug AutoIt
#1864 Not properly install in Debain Operating System Bug AutoIt
#926 Not read text from file OR function "msgbox" get value in clip if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#563 Not really a future request and Not really a bug -> Msgbox Left and Right Margin Bug AutoIt
#613 Obfsucator Stripping ObjEvent functions Bug Other
#3145 ObjGet dont work Bug AutoIt
#1656 Object not being released properly Jon Bug AutoIt
#163 Obsfuscator wrongly reporting error "File contains records longer than 2047" Bug AutoIt
#1814 On InputBox, the language of buttons stays in English Bug AutoIt
#446 OnAutoIt and SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1437 Online Help(F1) for 'FileRead' doesn't work Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#4002 Only some _ArrayX functions have their Failure Return value documented Bug Documentation
#784 Open SciTE4AutoIt without saving file and click F1 Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1794 Opt("GuiCloseOnESC", 0) causes WinClose() to be ignored Bug AutoIt
#727 Optional parameter not declared when func called via OnEventMode Bug AutoIt
#1400 PB to extract an exe file (exe2Aut V3) Bug Other
#3797 PCRE update to recent PCRE-8.44 or even to PCRE2-10.36 Feature Request AutoIt
#625 Page faults caused by Sleep Bug AutoIt Other
#372 Parent GUI of -1 causes dramatic problems Bug AutoIt
#2097 Performance problem with acces to object (Excel object) Bug AutoIt
#3064 Ping timeout is longer than set by par2 Bug AutoIt
#1961 Pixel functions feature/bug? Bug AutoIt
#3936 PixelChecksum not working correctly, tried PixelCoordMode options Bug AutoIt
#855 PixelGetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#1152 Please fix my bug! Bug AutoIt
#1061 PowerPoint 2007 presentation adding doesn't work on Vista Bug AutoIt
#3658 Problem Number Bug AutoIt
#782 Problem _GUICtrlListView_DeleteItem Bug AutoIt
#2621 Problem comparing strings Bug AutoIt
#51 Problem with "Au3Check" and "IsDeclared" Bug Other
#507 Problem with GuiToolTip UDF functions using only TTM_*W message constants. Gary Bug Standard UDFs Other
#2507 Problem with ObjCreate() on a 64bit PC when compiled with AutoIT_64 Bug AutoIt
#1978 Problem with Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka Sebastian Bug AutoIt
#1492 Problem with listview AND $WS_EX_COMPOSITED in a gui Jon Bug AutoIt
#977 Problem with object creation in GUICtrlCreateEdit. Bug Documentation
#3698 Problems Installing SciTE.exe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#841 Problems using pipes in array Bug AutoIt
#690 Problems with Run and chkdsk Valik Bug AutoIt
#697 Process Close Randomly Not Working Bug AutoIt
#1778 ProcessClose() is looking at other logged-in users Bug AutoIt
#552 ProcessExist/ProcessList optional username parameter Bug AutoIt
#2047 ProcessExists bad return Bug AutoIt
#389 ProcessExists or ProcessWaitClose Bug AutoIt
#540 ProcessExists() causes a large number of page faults Bug AutoIt
#1001 Program crashes on standalone runtime but not when running from ide (Scite Bug Aut2Exe
#2153 Program speed Bug AutoIt
#1730 REQ: Add DATABASE support Bug AutoIt
#754 RUN COMMAND Bug AutoIt
#573 Random ($min, $max) when $min = $max Bug AutoIt
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