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#1349 InetGet not working without Filename Bug AutoIt
#634 Increased activtity on mouse move Bug AutoIt
#3545 Incorrect conversion of Pos to Rect and vice versa Bug Standard UDFs
#2129 Incorrect Switch .. Case Else EndSwitch parsing Bug AutoIt
#2368 Inconsistent GUICreate results Bug AutoIt
#1755 In x64 Windows 7 the @HomeDrive macro returns "c:\system32" instead of "c: Bug AutoIt
#826 In Windows 7 Beta, @OSVersion shows "WIN_VISTA" Bug AutoIt
#1126 ImageSearch Bug AutoIt
#847 Image not showing in GUI when called by _Timer_SetTimer Bug AutoIt
#2044 IE.au3 error Wend Bug AutoIt
#891 IE-Events are not viewable Bug AutoIt
#3203 IE - Variable contents are lost when navigating to any page Bug AutoIt
#457 I'm a moron and like to swear in ticket titles. Jos Bug Standard UDFs
#2864 I registered on the forum but can't get an activation Bug AutoIt
#1703 I have a problem when using "filecopy" with extension. "vbe" Bug AutoIt
#1109 I cannot double click on the list box located on window Bug AutoIt
#2545 HttpProxySet Return value Bug AutoIt
#2324 How to handle unknown window in script while it is runnig Bug AutoIt
#725 How to Search a Text in a Screen Capture from AutoIT Bug AutoIt
#2981 How do I access an embeded Internet explorer server object ? Bug AutoIt
#412 HotKeys do not function if explorer.exe is not running. Bug AutoIt
#1716 HotKeySet("^{F11}", "stamp") Bug AutoIt
#3712 HotKeySet not sets Alt+F4 in Windows 10 Bug AutoIt
#530 HotKeySet ignores optional parameters Bug AutoIt Other
#2498 High Memory Consumption Bug AutoIt
#1924 Hiding one Edit affects the text in another. Bug AutoIt
#2094 Hex() returns incorrect values Bug AutoIt
#1745 Helpfile: Add _FileWriteFromArray to "Related" function list of _FileReadFromArray Bug Documentation
#1495 HelpFile Bug Bug Documentation
#768 Help for FileInstall needs to be updated Bug AutoIt
#2214 Help file description for ProcessExists Bug Documentation
#273 Hard-error on executing this Bug AutoIt
#1046 Hard crash when parsing larger strings using StringSplit() Bug AutoIt
#1160 GuictrlcreatePic not displaying over ListView in Win7 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1690 GuiTreeView.au3, GuiListView.au3 and possibly others ASCII mode Bug Jon Bug Standard UDFs
#737 GuiCtrlCreateTabItem with Tooltips: not all tabs send WM_NOTIFY; wrong tooltips Bug AutoIt
#1680 Global variable gives "Variable used without being declared" in SQLite.au3 Bug AutoIt
#2643 Global Const $REG_QWORD called twice error Bug AutoIt
#3276 Getting/Setting DllStruct array-element with index stored in varible fails without using Execute Bug AutoIt
#2728 Getting a window handle from PID for more advanced programs Bug Documentation Other
#3534 GetTimeZoneInformation missing date/time Bug AutoIt
#1085 General timer descrepancies Bug AutoIt
#2602 GUIcreate generates blinking/flikering on W2012 Bug AutoIt
#889 GUISetIcon() stops working after FileOpenDialog() Bug AutoIt
#1305 GUISetFont, GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem, korean language combination bug Bug AutoIt
#864 GUIOnEventMode bug Bug AutoIt
#234 GUIList.au3 error Bug AutoIt
#2935 GUIGetCursorInfo behavior in Windows 8 Bug AutoIt
#211 GUICtrlToolbar UDF: Button text accelerator prefix underscore disappears Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1553 GUICtrlSetTip() not working on Combos Bug AutoIt
#1722 GUICtrlSetStyle() and $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON Bug AutoIt
#375 GUICtrlSetState($GUI_DISABLED) delayed in Vista Bug AutoIt
#315 GUICtrlSetOnEvent() doesn't work if there are too many controls on one form Bug AutoIt
#1011 GUICtrlSetOnEvent registeres also on Listviewitems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem and lparam Bug AutoIt
#1692 GUICtrlSetOnEvent - during event fuction other event are waiting untill the function will finished. Bug AutoIt
#908 GUICtrlSetImage needs wrong icon index to show needed icon Bug AutoIt
#1655 GUICtrlSetImage issue on static controls Bug AutoIt
#2903 GUICtrlSetFont does not mention FontConstants.au3 Bug Documentation
#3119 GUICtrlSetColor bug Bug AutoIt
#30 GUICtrlSetBkColor() bug with GUICtrlCreateLabel() and GUICreate with BitOR() WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#2775 GUICtrlRead - Return Value <> state of the button Bug Documentation
#959 GUICtrlGetState doesn't work for listview with enable flag Bug AutoIt
#2444 GUICtrlCreateMenuItem -- should the 2nd param be a default? guinness Bug AutoIt
#1424 GUICtrlCreateListView: $LVS_EX_BORDERSELECT fails. Bug AutoIt
#1528 GUICtrlCreateListView Example not work Bug AutoIt
#1052 GUICtrlCreateIcon() returns 0 if the file does not exist Bug AutoIt
#1609 GUICtrlCreateGroup() size/position affected by default font size. Bug AutoIt
#538 GUICtrlCreateGraphic - working on last GUI created Bug AutoIt
#2476 GUICtrlCreateEdit[2].au3 - ERROR Bug Documentation
#2227 GUICtrlCreateEdit doesn't have full Unicode support Bug AutoIt
#1997 GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial. Bug AutoIt
#127 GUICtrlCreateDate -> GUICtrlSetData wrong on Timefields Bug AutoIt
#451 GUICtrlCreateCombo don't show items on Windows 2000 Bug AutoIt
#418 GUICreate: $WS_EX_LAYERED documentation error Bug Documentation
#406 GUI include file bug! Bug AutoIt
#405 GUI bug Bug AutoIt
#373 GUI - Moving Mouse Across Edit or Input Bug AutoIt
#3589 GDIPlus.au3 contains unecessary string conversions Bug AutoIt
#971 Func _GetIP() issues Bug AutoIt
#521 Forum Upload Issue Bug AutoIt
#3643 For...To...Step...Next - variable is NOT (see Remarks in AutoIt Help) in Local scope! Bug AutoIt
#2038 For Windows 7 Java UDF is not working properly Bug AutoIt
#3235 Floor isn't accurate Bug AutoIt
#3705 Fixed: Assigning objects by reference to COM properties Bug AutoIt
#1611 FileSetTime error on "linux" NAS Feature Request AutoIt
#3016 FileSetPos() not used in FileSetPos() example Bug Documentation
#2136 FileSetAttrib adds Archive attribute when System or Hidden attribs are set Bug AutoIt
#1003 FileSelectFolder: flag doesn't work as documented Bug AutoIt Other
#2353 FileSelectFolder doesn't refresh after creating new folder with individual name Bug AutoIt
#2722 FileSelectFolder - XP Only - BUG Bug Documentation
#3279 FileReadToArray() documentation missing important detail Bug Documentation
#149 FileRead does not return EOF but does return @Error =0, an undocumented state Bug AutoIt
#2399 FileOpenDialog - Function constructor - bug ? Bug Documentation
#2904 FileOpen does NOT return an error when path is invalid. Bug AutoIt
#695 FileMove returns an error code of 0 for failure AND for success Bug AutoIt
#3217 FileInstall() memory leak Bug AutoIt
#933 FileGetVersion() generates error when File Version attribute values contain leading 0 Bug AutoIt
#3522 FileGetVersion Bug AutoIt
#3139 FileGetTime out by exactly one hour. Bug AutoIt
#1374 FileGetShortName returns wrong result on Win7 Bug AutoIt
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