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I need some help here. I have the following code:

Sleep( 300 )
Sleep( 400 )

I need it to repeat itself, but instead of Send("1"), it will increase to 2, then increase to 3, 4, 5 all the way up to 1000. Is this possible? I haven't been able to find anything, and I'm kind of new to this subject.
Please give examples.
Thank you.
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Global $first

$first = 1

   Sleep( 200 )
   Send("Number", $first)
   Sleep( 200 )
   Sleep( 200 )
   Sleep( 300 )
Until $first = 3

Whats wrong here?
I want it to do "   Send("Number", $first)" until the number that it sends, is 3.
But its just typing "Number" and not the actual number.

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Firstly, you are not incrementing $first so it will loop forever. 
You either need to do this in a For loop or add a line to increment 

Secondly, you are not using the Send function quite correctly;
Namely if you want to send the value of $first after the string "Number", you need to concatenate it to the string by using the the ampersand (&) character.  Using a comma as you are is sending $first as the second parameter to the Send function (see helpfile).
Also keep in mind you'll probably want to add a space at the end of the word "Number".


Check out the different Loop functions in the help file and see if the For loop is the best fit for your needs.

Let us know where you get stuck.

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Yes. Is it working the way you want?

Whoops, didn't notice you're not the OP, no profile pic. :>

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Which part in that code needs explanation after you tried reading/interpreting and checking the helpfile?


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